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Lydia Jane  ⋆ MN Based Destination Wedding Photographer ⋆ Redhead. Cat Lady. Frequent Traveler. Lover of good hugs and all french fries ever.

Guys, I blogged! 💐 Emma and Dillon’s fabulous garden party wedding with so much beautiful @kindred.blooms floral your mind will explode is on the blog! Link in profile. #lydiajanephoto

It’s crazy how second nature something can be when you’ve been doing it for as long as I’ve been doing wedding photography (since 2006!). I’m not fan of change or conflict in real life, but when things get chaotic at my weddings I kick into another gear. 🤹‍♀️ I thrive on it. I don’t want things to be chaotic for my clients’ sake and we plan hard for it not to! But, should it happen, the challenge excites rather than daunts me. So, bring on your big family drama, winter blizzards, and officiants with superiority complexes. Chances are I’ve seen it before and I can’t wait sink my teeth into it to make sure your day is amazing no matter what. 🐿 #lydiajanephoto (pc: @_juliamary)

2019 resolution: make more room for chaos in family sessions. Chances are, what I planned for is a lot more lame than what can come from embracing what’s already there. The minute I stepped into the Sitton’s home I felt their bursting love for one another. After a series of more formal photos, it was obvious we were losing the baby’s attention. So with Baby Shark blasting in the background and the dogs jumping all over the sofa, I felt the freedom to toss my “poses” out the window and capture what I think are some of my favorite family photos of late. 🖤 #lydiajanephoto

Location scouted today for a winter wedding coming up soon. 🌲 Crossing my fingers for a layer of beauty snow to fall between now and then. Minneapolis has been super snowless of late and it’s making me sad! #lydiajanephoto

It’s January so you know what that means...I have time to blog/IG Story weddings again! 😆 Help me out: What are your favorite photos to look at from a wedding? The couple? Ceremony? Candids? #lydiajanephoto

Where would we be without our best friends? 🍃 I don’t even want to imagine a life without My Girls. We’re all spread out up and down the country but the text chains are strong and group FaceTimes while grocery shopping are epic. Most mornings I wake up to a long text chain thanks to my East Coasters chirping away. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Other than, of course, actually being together. 👯‍♀️ Love you girls. So glad I have you. #lydiajanephoto

Been hit with the flu hardcore since Sunday and, wow, what a discouraging what to start the year. I‘ve always put a lot of pressure on myself to start the year off right, but sometimes life kicks you in the butt and you have to slow down. And by slow I mean literally do nothing besides cough, try to swallow tea, and sleep. 🤒 So, anyway, this is my long way of saying if 2019 hasn’t started the way you wanted you aren’t alone! Deep breaths. The new year can’t control you. Take it at whatever pace you’re able. #lydiajanephoto

Merry Christmas from a pair of Greens! 🍐 Tomorrow we leave our dear fam in Texas and fly north to Maryland for more dear fam and Christmas #3?! I’ve almost lost count. The merriment continues! (pc: @amydiddat)

Happy Christmas Eve! 🎉 Here’s a behind the scenes photo @_juliamary captured of me being OCD about candles. I’m a details person, which might explain the 7+ different kinds of ribbon I used to wrap Christmas gifts this weekend. 🎁 But it’s Christmas, you guys!! It’s all in the wonderful details! So, I’m going to finish It’s a Wonderful Life, wear my green Christmas jacket, put on my red lipstick and eat my weight in fajitas. 🌮 What are your Christmas Eve plans?? #lydiajanephoto

Most people will think this is a photo of a cute green door. Those who look closer will know better. 😽

Who else adores wrapping gifts?? 🎁 I can’t be the only one. Amongst my family and friends, it’s “Lydia’s job” because I love it so much. So far I’ve wrapped gifts in three different states this Christmas. 🤩 I’ll soon make that four when I fly to Maryland next week. Merry Christmas to me!!

Back in Houston for Christmas #1 and the sun and 65° is confusing my brain and bones per usual. Funny enough, I’m MUCH colder here when I’m inside. Radiator heat and living on the 3rd floor back home is practically like living inside a cozy furnace. (Speaking of home, the missing of the cat is already so real. Sweet guy. Sorry I travel so much, boo cat.😿) #lydiajanephoto

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