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- hey guys, long time no post! 😅
How are we all? ❤️
Can we just talk about how it’s already April?!? Where is the year going?!
Also April means that exams are fast approaching, but for all those with their GCSEs this year, take it from me, they’ll be over before you know it, & then you’ll have 3 wonderful months to do whatever the hell you please! 🎉
I know it’s stressful at the moment, but if you do the work now, when it counts, you’ll honestly be so thankful that you did when that results day rolls around. 🤷🏼‍♀️
The last thing you want to feel, is disappointed with yourself, knowing that if you’d worked that little bit harder when it mattered, then you would have done that little bit better. ❤️

- hey guys! You can now use the code “lydiastudies15” to get 15% off any pair of @sudio headphones! 🙌🏻 #sudiomoments #ad

While on the subject, I thought I’d address a question that I get quite frequently asked, & that is; “do you listen to music when studying?”. The answer to that, is no. I’ve tried, from my normal playlist, to classical piano music, however, I just find it all too distracting. I am that person that will start concentrating on the music instead of their work, & from there it’s just a downward spiral. 🤷🏼‍♀️ However, I do love to listen to music to unwind & de-stress after studying or working, in the evenings. ❤️
Listening to calming music while tidying up, checking social media or doing light stretches really helps me to relax & take my mind off studying before going to sleep. 😴
Let me know if you listen to music while studying or not!

- wow, Lydia’s posting something that’s not history for once?!? 😱
Yup, here’s some biology flashcards!
These have been my actual lifesaver for a level biology, & I honestly don’t know where I’d be without them! 😅
All I do, is basically write out the textbook in flash card form, for each module as we go through in class, so by the time it comes to the exam, I’ve got absolutely everything I need to know, on flashcards, which I can then go through & cover! ❤️
Anyways, how are we all? How are we finding the new year so far? ✌🏻

- hey guys! How are we all? ❤️
How crazy is it that we’re already at the end of January?!
Another crazy thing, is that I’m going to be applying to university at the end of this year!
I’ve started looking around at some places, however, I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for, as I haven’t really decided what I want to study yet. 🤔
I’m thinking something along the lines of management, or a combination of management & marketing, & so far I’ve looked at the University’s of Bath, Warwick, York & Durham.
If you’re in year 12 or year 13, I’d love to know your thoughts on university, where you’ve applied/thinking of applying, & to do what! ❤️

- Happy New Year! 🎉 (for tomorrow)
Although my official studygram 1 year anniversary is on the 19th of January, I wanted to take the opportunity today to thank you all for an amazing year. ☺️
I’ve accomplished so many of my goals over the course of 2017, & on top of that, have been able to play a part in helping some of you to achieve yours too. & that, will forever be the most rewarding & fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. ❤️
Although I’ve never met most of you, each of yours support means the absolute world to me, & has continued to encourage & motivate me throughout revision, exam season & beyond, so thank you all SO much. I’m so grateful for every single lovely comment, DM & message that has come my way this year. ☺️
I wish you all all the best in 2018, & good luck in whatever you may do. 💕

- how was everyone’s Christmas?? ❤️🎄
I’m on holiday at the moment & have therefore been avoiding & putting off all schoolwork ever, but here’s some mindmaps I made around a week ago😅
Also, how crazy is it that it’s the 29th of December already?!? This year has just flown by! 🤷🏼‍♀️
What are some of your New Year’s resolutions for 2018? ❤️

- hey guys, long time no post! 😅
I always find that the end of the year ends up being super busy, especially now that keeping up a YouTube channel has been added to the mix! 🎥
But, we officially broke up for the Christmas holidays today, & BOY, DO I NEED A HOLIDAY. 😂
I feel like I’ve been running around like a headless chicken for the past month, trying to juggle everything that’s been going on! 📚
So, sorry if I’ve been a bit M.I.A, but I’m going to get back on my game, I promise! ❤️
& if I don’t post before Christmas, then I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁

- hey hey hey! How are we all? ❤️
It’s crazy how fast we’ve been growing on here, I wanted to thank you all for 20k, but we’ve already got 20.7k as I’m writing this! 🎉
As usual, I’m going to update you on my school life, however, there’s not really anything new I have to tell! I’m on a productivity high at the moment (it sort of wavers, some days/weeks I’ll feel really productive, some days/weeks I won’t etc), & I’m pretty on top of everything I have to do. Which of course, is always good. 📚
So yeah, that’s all I really have to say, life is good. ❤️

- Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃
What are you all up to to celebrate? & what are you dressing up/dressed up as? (if you are) ☺️
I haven’t been particularly festive at all this year, I haven’t dressed up & the extent of my celebrations was decorating the sixth form study centre at school, & organising a pumpkin carving sixth form challenge & Halloween movie night (sort of) which all took part today! 👻
Now, for something completely unrelated to Halloween: you can get a 15% off a gorgeous poster just like the one in the photo from @mapiful using the code “lydia.studies15”. The code is only valid till the end of November, so hurry! ❤️ #mapiful #ad

- you don’t even know how long it takes me to align all these flashcards, then take a photo which is central, straight & at the right angle. I’m exhausted. 💀
Just kidding, I’m actually feeling very refreshed & relaxed after the half term! ☺️
It’s been really nice to slow down the pace of life again, because September & October literally flew by! I’ve been at sixth form for nearly 2 months now, but it feels like barely a week!
I’m proud of my time management over half term too, I’ve finished 99% of my homework & revision, & have still managed to spend time with family & friends & doing other things like YouTube. 📚
I hope you’ve all had a great half term too! (If you’ve had it). & comment what you’re going as/have gone as for Halloween this year! 🎃👻

- guyssss, look how gorgeous this poster is from @mapiful !! 😍
You can customise a map of whatever part of the world you’d like, & then have it made into a beautiful print!
I decided to get one for my home town, Nottingham, & it’s never looked so pretty! ❤️
You can also use the code “lydia.studies15” for 15% off your order! 🙌🏻 (valid until the end of November.) #mapiful #ad
In other news, it’s half way through half term now, & it’s been so nice to have a break! I’ve hardly done any work so far, I’ve just been chilling with friends, doing things for YouTube etc, & it’s soooo stress relieving! I really recommend taking some time off, at least a couple days, to just have time to yourself & do things that you want to do, because it’s honestly so worth it mentally! 😌
I’m going to have tomorrow as a work day though, my plan is to power through a lot of homework & revision so I can then have fun on Saturday & Sunday again. 🎉
Hope you’re all having a good week! ❤️

- hey guysssss! & welcome to all my new followers! My page has been growing so ridiculously fast for the past 3 months or so, & ive gained so many new people! So HEYYY! & I hope that you find my page useful, motivational etc! ❤️
How's everyone doing at the moment?
An update from my latest post: I'm in a much better place now, I'm feeling a lot more motivated & productive than I was before! ☺️
That same evening that I posted that photo with that caption (I recommend going back & reading it if you've got no idea what I'm on about), I had the biggest meltdown I've ever had, approximately 2 hours later. It was one of those meltdowns where it starts concerning one thing (in this case hobbies), & then proceeds to span out till it gets to the point where I'm questioning every aspect & part of my life. It wasn't a great evening. 🙄
But I wanted to tell you guys about it, because I want you to know that if you ever feel that way, you're not alone. Yes, I have a studygram, yes, I look like I've got my life together (& most of the time I do), yes, I always seem to have a plan, but no one is perfect, & we all have our ups & downs. & when you do have those downs, make sure you talk to someone about it. Don't suffer in silence, even if it's over something minor, like mine was over hobbies. Go speak to someone you trust & just spill your heart out. I spoke to my parents that evening, & trust me, it was the best thing I could have done in that situation. ❤️
If you're ever feeling down, if you're ever feeling demotivated, unproductive etc, then that's okay. Just take a break, talk to someone about it, do something you enjoy, & things will start looking up before you know it. ❤️

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