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okay this is it I’m logging out of this account ily <33

— we all knew I would post this at some point. I tried to keep on editing, but I think it’s just time I leave this account. I love y’all <33

— underrated icons.
@avreyovard @antoniiogarza <33
#omgpage #antoniogarzaedit #avreyovardedit

— did I cry while making this? maybe. -
cc/ib: lavishgilbert (also bless for the scene pack)
ac: msbrxcandy (sc)
dt: @sxperlexie @jillxedits
#luthorgrp #omgpage #shamelessedits

— welp I’m gay but we been knew :’) ac/ib: xbluecoyote
dt: @grvsdy thank you so much for the scene packs!! <33
#omgpage #luthorgrp

— dc’s softest <33
cc/sc/ac: lavishgilbert
#omgpage #luthorgrp
im still playing around with styles. :)

— other than lena she’s my number one girl!! <33
ac: evilherself
cc: lavishgilbert
dt: @huntzbergers @evermohre
this is gonna flop watch :’)
#omgpage #luthorgrp

— let me present to y’all the first black lesbian superhero!! cc sc: lavishgilbert
i don’t have my wm on this so don’t steal 😔
#omgpage #anissapierceedit

— sit down and watch how the superior superheroes do it.
ac: plotwistaudios (sc)
cc: lavishgilbert
sc: lavishgilbert softiehar
dt: @agent_bennett @jillxedits @dcdolan
watch ‘till the end ;)
#omgpage #luthorgrp

— ilysmkm: i love you so much katie mcgrath!! 💖💘💕💖💘
dt: @luthorsearp @lenakieranluthor @lovingluthor @katiesmc.aep @arotceus
cc sc: lavishgilbert
ac: jenfilms
#omgpage #luthorgrp

— trying a new style :)
cc sc: lavishgilbert
ac: bravenry sc
dt: @luthor.edits @bbluthor
#omgpage #luthorgrp

— cats>>>dogs can’t change my mind!! -
for aj cause I know how much you love cats 🤧 [ @luthorsearp ]
ac: emiliasbastard
#omgpage #catedit #luthorgrp

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