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oscWHORE!  hiatus™ me being active again: A CONCEPT!!


the deafening silence is all he could hear. he stood there, shocked by the events that just unfolded. years of memories all flashed through his head at once. all the good, all the bad, all him. everything they had ever said to each other, everything they ever planned on saying, everything they dreamed of saying, was all gone. his chest filled with regret, for the angel died alone, thinking he had no one; thinking he wasn't loved. but the angel was wrong; for dean loved him. dean had only realized when it was too late.
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lol ignore the glitches please i'm too lazy to fix it!
ac: my audio ; tele/visions - new flesh
dt: my guttersluts :,) <3

happy birthday to the one & only misha collins :,)
[lol this is kinda long you don't have to read it all]
where do i even start, misha collins is the most amazing person i have ever encountered. he is the sole reason i ever started watching supernatural. he was the start of this account and the start of me meeting and making new friends. he motivates me to lead a better life and become a better person. from gishwhes to random acts, from lgbt+/poc advocation to honorable charity work, misha has proved time and time again that he is amazing. i notice constantly how misha is the least liked out of j2m and it honestly perplexes me. i could go on and on about how misha is the kindest, most generous, benevolent person on this earth, but you would be reading this all day! misha has given me the strength to accept myself and realize my true strength. i literally cry just thinking about him sometimes DON'T ASK SKJAJAAL. moral of the story, misha collins is my love, my life, my light, and i would be lost without him. happy birthday, baby :,) i hope he spends his day and night with his lovely family celebrating this wondrous holiday. i love you :,) <3
dt all my misha/cas stans out there ;)
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you are my reason.
editing and rendering this was hell, enjoy!
ac: star shopping - lil peep
dt: katelyn, vi, jordan, des, & dev <3
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introducing my theme!
bonjour everyone XD i know i've been gone for a pretty long time and all i can say is, i'm sorry! i've been quite busy (& lazy) this summer so i really haven't been editing much. enjoy this photo edit that i plan on creating a theme with.

dt des bc she's motivated me to edit <3

new! edgy! cool!
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ac: product of drugs - virus x kamiyada (zaya flip)
dt: aaleah
ib: codominance & hayden
cc: mary

wig: in orbit!
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[turn up your brightness!]
ac: @hybridqaudios
dt: katelyn & hayden !

may we meet again in paradise.
[use headphones]
bonjour!! this is my first official edit back as an editor!! i've been m.i.a for a little over a year and i'm glad to say it's good to be back! i'd like to thank all the lovely people who encouraged me to start editing again,,, i wouldn't have done it without you.
dt: titty swingers, larry stans, megan, & ellie
ac: let go - ark patrol

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