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D O N T H M U 🖤  17💎// 🖤

“ If life was easy it wouldn’t be worth living, God gives his best soldiers the worst missions “

“ My mInD iS a DarK PlAcE 🖤”

“If your gonna break my heart then break it.., But if you ever loved me have mercy..”

“We keep everything bottled inside.., Only if they knew what goes on in are minds”

Some people will cut you open.. just to watch you bleed 🥃💔


“iM BroKeN 💔”

“You never know what you had, Tell you lost it”

“ Maybe that’s it. We eventually go numb ; Because you can’t break a heart that’s already broken. “

“All the Vodka in the world couldn’t save me 😴”

“Just know that it’s my world, And I do what I wish to🛸✨”


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