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ᴸᴬᵂᴿᴱᴺᶜᴱ ᴮᴿᴬᵁᴺ  // Watching the mystery unfold

Philmont NY // 🌲 b-sides from the archive #seeingphilmont

Milford PA // b-sides from the archive // #120mm #seafoamgreen #anotherplacemagazine

Hillsdale NY // posting some b-sides lately from the archives // #usps #mediumformat

Philmont NY // #120mm .
. .
#SeeingPhilmont //

Philmont NY // $2.54 // this gas station serves as the only food market in Philmont. It’s also the site of the former rubber factory that burnt down in January 1977 .
I spend a lot of time waiting for the right moments to shoot scenes like this- usually when they are empty or if just one old vehicle or one person is in the scene. That obviously wasn’t the case here but busy scenes like this will eventually age well, and will be Interesting to look at more closely, as the things in them begin to become obsolete. With the way things develop these days, it could only take ten years or so before a photo like this begins to ripen. Isn’t that interesting? .
#mediumformat // #SeeingPhilmont //#nightmovesonfilm

Philmont NY // 2017 Carl

People used to know their neighbors around here, and cars used to be a lot easier to fix. #anywhereblvd #SeeingPhilmont #mamiya7

Philmont NY // village outskirts #SeeingPhilmont #mediumformat

Mellenville NY // #mediumformat

Philmont NY // #SeeingPhilmont

Philmont NY // #mamiya7

Milford PA // 2017 #mediumformat .

Harlemville NY // neighbors .
#mediumformat #kodakfilm

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