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Jiaqi.Charlotte.Shao  Shanghai↗FL↗MI IAA' 18


🔥🔥🔥my love is burning fire.#fashiondesign #fashionshooting #unrealfur

I love the autumn sunset in interlochen. #leica#sunset#fall#performanceart

I like travelling in airplane alone. Sitting in the cabin looking at the ether, I feel as if the mediocre me is also flying high in the sky. In 2014, a flight took me from my hometown to America, where I recognized the direction of my dream. At the height of 10,000 meter, I felt the accompany of the stars and the planets. Looking down, I saw my homeland, my country, my mission, my obligation. I only occupy a small space in this world, but I can dominate my life to cover as many corners as I want. 我习惯了一个人坐飞机,只有飞在那没有日夜也没有坐标的高空里,我那卑微的心才能再次飞翔。2014年我离开了家乡,留学这个决定把我带到了人生的另一个地方——美国,是这一段命运的旅行让我找到了理想和方向。在十万米的高空,日月星辰永远同在。只要我站得够高,飞得够远,我总能发现这个世界并不是围绕着“我”,我还有我的国家、我的责任、我的使命。世界有时不是你所看到的那样,但是生命就是你经历的所有。

Design should keep a connection to the real world. #fashiondesigns

we play various identities in a relationship. But don't act like a clown you can't make your rest of life to be a joke.
Fashion Designer: Yueer Shao
Photo: Zhipeng Ma
Model: Andy
Headwear: Kumi Ding ​​​
#fashiondesigns #brokenhearts #lovecollection #portfolio #fashionshooting

We did this very successful, I'm so happy for everyone. I appreciate those who made it possible. I thank my friends and teachers who helped me. Thank my beautiful models @claudia.moysset @gabibroekema13 @elsiedevey thank you for wearing my fashion works, thank you for doing so much for me.

The president of Interlochen choose my fashion work to display in his house, today I had dinner with him and his family. I really appreciate that! How blessed I am for this opportunity! #honor#interlochenarts#artworks#fashiondesigns

The one who said my model looks happy has already expelled... I tried to ask my model act the emotion I want, and she made it, so please be respect!
#fashionshooting #fashiondesign #heartbroken #colorred ❤️💔
Fashion Designer: Yueer Shao
Photo: Zhipeng Ma
Model: Andy
Headwear: Kumi Ding

I find inspiration from love, then break rules. #fashiondesigns#fashionshooting

🔴Two red women#fashionshooting #fridakahlo I often forget to design when doing designs. Instead, I made jokes.

Only love interests me, and I am only in contact with things that revolve around love.#fashiondesign #fashionshooting #love#nature#artwork
Creative& styling:Yueer Shao
Model: Andy @pineapple.n.a
Photo: Zhipeng Ma
Makeup& hair : Yueer Shao

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