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Lux  ✨MAXIM South Africa | August 2017 🎓I wear quite a few hats 🇵🇭Fil-Irish 🖊Author | The #MothersMilkCookbook 💃🏼Int'l Dancer Agent inquiries: @fredfrenchy


How wonderful it is, to have a vibe tribe that loves my wild ass the way that they do. ✨ Still slowly getting back to everyone, literally have hundreds of messages to get through. Thanks for your patience. And if you haven't been patient, I will get back to you eventually. 🙃

Good Morning & Happy Monday, love bugs 💞 I had found this months before my spiritual sabbatical & the message rings even more true now having gone through my own personal hell and back. The biggest demons I've ever faced were the ones from inside of me; I may be a bad ass & handle my shit in the midst of chaos, but if that doesn't take a toll on you over time without wiping your slate clean again, then you must be a machine and not human. But I am human, and according to the bad asses of the Amazon jungle, ya girl is a warrior. 💪🏽 Wanted to share this for any of you who may need it, I had to go through hell to start building my heaven. The magic is in the process, and there's no better time to start than now. ✨❤️ #luxiboo #international #filipina #energyhealing #peru #amazon #queen #queens

I didn't know my own strength. ✨

Amazing things happen when you prioritize yourself and your growth process. ☺️ I quite literally put myself through hell and back the past few weeks to effect a transformation that I myself did not realize I was capable of. I'm going to take my time getting readjusted to being back with this new mindset (and also being back in the hustle & bustle of LA), so I'll be slowly sharing new & unreleased content from just before I went into the Amazon & getting back to work/personal messages at my own pace. I truly love and appreciate every last one of my vibe tribe and my supporters, all of your sweet messages and time with me have been invaluable. Love, love, love you and have a great weekend!! 💞

This started out as a journey of self love & growth. In the six years I've been online with y'all, I've shared pretty amazing & intimate parts of my life with you. Everything from success, to devastating losses. Some of you have become real life friends, others have become a really special part of my social media circle of friends from all over the world. And others have been a constant reminder of why a platform like this promotes more harm than good for my mental & emotional health.
So, I'm taking a little vacation for two weeks. Completely offline. In the Amazon jungle. If you want to reach me about anything, you'll have to wait until after Sept 14. ☺️ I'm thankful for the best vibe tribe a girl can have, your support with this journey has been invaluable. With a stronger presence of mental health care being promoted in popular culture, it's even more assuring that this little spiritual vacation will be just what my soul ordered to continue to be the best version of myself. I've shared my bouts of depression with you, but maybe you didn't know it, because I had turned it into a creative expression through my shoots. The "Hold Me" series would be the perfect, most prevalent example. 🙂Love you all. My friends, my family, the people who want me to fail, even the people that just like to check in on my shit lol...Love y'all, and be well.

Hey, Queen. I see you. Keep doing your thing. ✨👑
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It's been a magical last week prepping for my journey to Peru tomorrow! ✨Will miss y'all for the next couple of weeks 💞
📸: @jeanettelopez
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