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A piece of Mediterranean Sea!

I didn't know I was coming to the Mediterranean Sea 😱

[day5 /7]
My favourite dinner is jiaozi. Tofu cabbage pork soup.

[day5 /7] I tried to keep mesclun and mushrooms... A little cheat today for breakfast } processed meat & hollandaise sauce 😱, after collecting my 30-yr-old ic.

[day4 /7]
Pumpkin πŸŽƒ
Broccoli 🌿
Baked egg

[day4 /7] #yongtaufoo
Eggplant πŸ† x2
Veg x2
Mushroom πŸ„ x2

[day3 /7] #favcombi #haakonsaladbowl
Seared tofu /beef/egg, grilled veg, mesclun, tomatoes, goji

[day2/7] #dailycut
Eggplant, spinach, onsen egg, cauliflower, dory
still feel bloated...

[Day2/7] #ABCsoup + veg
Carrots potatoes onions leaves meat

[Day1/7] #Haakonsalad low-carb low sugar week
Quinoa leaves tomatoes carrots spinach pesto chicken
Rightfully I should do away with the sauce but I shouldnt be so hard on myself 😣

[Day1/7] #yongtaufu low-carb low sugar week (forgot to ask auntie don't put sauce.... >.<)

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