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Jessica Charles  Mother, Designer @ LUVHR, Inventor @ NUSHAPE. Finder of Higher Vibes. Currently πŸ“Barcelona


Non-toxic, all natural skin care is part of a healthy lifestyle, take care of your largest organ and skip the chemicals in your skin and bath routine. The LUVHR botanicals collection has you covered from head to toe, with notes of rose, Jasmine, lavender and sandalwood to feed the skin and uplift spirits, while "anti-aging" (can we change this term please?) superstars like dmae, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and organic botanicals cleanse, hydrate, repair and protect. Crystal essences and reiki energy are infused into each product for an extra dose of love and magic ✨ (link in bio). ✨

Seven days, seven black and white photos from your life. No people or descriptions, challenge someone new every day @anna__kustura

Arizona was something like being in a painting today 🌡🌈 πŸ‘½πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸŒ… #skyonfire #sunset #instacolorful #arizonasky #desertsky

Seven days, seven black and white photos from your life, no people or explanations.
Challenge someone everyday... @ajawarren

It's breast cancer awareness month and a perfect time to schedule your mammogram. There's a list of clinics where you can schedule one for free on National Breast Cancer Foundation's site @nbcf ... so there's really no excuse not to.
Take care of yourselves beauties. πŸ’•

#breastcancerawarenessmonth #healthylife #selfcare #womenshealth #breastcare #pinkπŸ’• #earlydetection

7 days seven black and white pictures from your life. No people, no explanations. Challenge someone new everyday. Day three. @bwilling

Seven days, seven black and white photos of your life. No people, no explanations. You're it @drelo

Just chillin in bed with my boyfriend, Mac. We've been going at it for a while now, I think it's getting serious. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’»
#dowhatyoulove #digitalnomad #digitalworld #bossbabe #workmode #hustleflow

Seven days, seven black and white photos of your life. No humans, no explanations. Challenge someone new everyday.
Day 1.
Today I nominate @aam1504 ✨

We need more men like this guy.
My heart is heavy today as I continue to read about the unfolding Weinstein scandal, though after my years in Hollywood I can't say I'm surprised at all. Thankful these women are breaking the silence. And of course it's not just Hollywood. It seems like we've all been there. Most of us have had the displeasure of meeting that sociopathic male who has a pattern of leveraging his position to manipulate women, especially young women. In my case they come/came out of the woodwork when I'd start picking up steam with my career and they're in a position to "help me". When I was younger- whether it was harassment or blatant abuse and assault- I was tempted to blame myself... "maybe it WAS my clothes, or I had too much to drink, or I chose the wrong career. Or I SHOULD be smarter and see these things coming, or have thicker skin, or maybe... maybe I have no business being in business if I'm not willing to play the game. Actually maybe I should give up, and just find a nice guy to take care of us and play house". I had periods of depression, low self-esteem and self-doubt largely from a string of events with men who also had a similar asshole complex to this guy.
Having a daughter of my own sometimes I imagine saying the things I might have be tempted to say to myself, to her, and I realized how ridiculous and awful that would be. But for a long time this sort of thing was swept under the rug, covered up, laughed off or justified. There's been too little dialogue, just some mysterious "casting couch" that was eluded to sometimes that we're helpless in the existence of.
So yes, we should ALL be feminists. More of these assholes need to get dragged out from their hiding places. It needs to be safe to share these things, and have them be heard. And we need teach our daughters to kick some ass. πŸ’•
#feminism #realmen #equality #empowerwomen #weshouldallbefeminists #nomoreexcuses


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