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Often people ask me ‘how do you do it all?’ Well, I don’t do it ALL (my husband helps daily) but most importantly I NEVER do it all at once!
Yes I get the dishes done, meals made & prepped, clothes washed, house cleaned, etc but I never have them all done at once. Yesterday I had 5 loads of laundry to fold, got that done. Today the laundry is folded and put away but the kitchen is a wreck (showing only a portion of the disaster).
Oh and while making supper and bathing a kid, another kid was making mess of the dog food in the garage. So now there’s that mess still there. And I’m not real sure why this guy is taking his pants off 🤔
I completed ZERO tasks today except keeping everyone alive. 〰️
Stop assuming everyone’s got it together because no one does.

This 3 year old asked for a chainsaw for his birthday! 😳

📺We have 9 channels and only THREE are working!!! Really?? 3️⃣❓

Workout didn't get completed until 11:00pm but it's done!!!!! #21DFX Lower-body
Were you able to get in any activity today?

🐥 🐠 🥒 Preparing for the start of a new week! 🐥 🐠 🥒
What prepares you for a Monday?

Our homemade strawberry 🍓 fruit roll-ups were a success!!! (And easy!)

@hair_by_aud was an awesome stylist today!! However....I was a terrible client!
I was picky about my cut, then I came home and put her masterpiece up in a SCRUNCHY!!!!!
She was a rockstar hairdresser & I'll be back! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💇🏼👍🏼

🍞🎂Addison worked all afternoon in the kitchen for us!!! She made bread, sloppy joes & cupcakes all from scratch!
Bonus: it was all gut friendly except the bread & sprinkles
I think I'll keep her 😉💜

Homemade granola is da bomb!!!!!
What do you like to have with granola?

💪🏼Ended my chest/triceps workout with 7 sets of Cable Pushdowns with Rope 👊🏼
What workout did you do today?

Don't tell my family they eat duck fat 🦆
They have been eating it for awhile now 😉

🏡 F O R S A L E 🏡
4.5 acres
1,000 sq/ft
2 bedroom, 1 full bathroom
New roof, new flooring
2 car garage
10 minutes from mall
Well & septic
Good building site for future house

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