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Tish U. Paper  competent loon. actor•ish. hodgepodge humina humina

This #tbt involves two of my favorite females #TheFanshens #StepsLeadToLessons

Type A personalities love those big ole steps too 💚 @fanshencd

"Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go." ~ Baldwin
Dr. Seuss for the revolutionary enlightened.💚 art by: @broobs.psd (Current art I'm feeding my soul with)

Here is a preview of the trailer for an upcoming film I was in, Avery Road. It will be premiered September 30th in Los Angeles as part of a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. Check out the full trailer by clicking on the link in @dcmfilmmaker 's profile & follow our Facebook page for more details on the screening.
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My cousin is hotter than your cousin. #chelib2017 if I gotta share my wedding with anyone it's gotta be her. #MyCrewSince86 📸: @andyuk9 (aka my favorite Brit)

9.13.13 it's our Bey Anniversary. Most people don't mind the 4th year but I know better. Trying to convince the fella to get 4 tats on our fingers. #HeKeloidsThough #SurvivalIsSentimental #MyBestWomansRaisedFistForTheWin

Autumn for President. ☕️ #JavaJamsSponsoredByInternationalDelight

The moral of this: there are better choices than The Red Cross. NPR has shared general relief nonprofits. Blood donation organizations, shelter, food banks, organizations for people with disabilities ,children, animals... Ill put the link in my bio 💚

Happy Black Mothers Breastfeeding Week! Thanks to @melissakayanderson (my mama twin and sister friend for life) for the reminder. I was lucky enough to nurse this baby for almost two years. I always assumed breastfeeding would be super easy because of that whole "natural" bit they tell you in your baby classes, but it was THE most challenging and special aspect of motherhood for me. The time, the pain, the love, the confusion, the culture... this single act of feeding consumed me. It's why now I will go out of my damn mind trying to help new mothers who decide they want to try. I once read a piece about slaves who weren't allowed to nurse their babies until the white babies they wet nursed were fed first. It was an act of resistance to choose your child. I remember one mother was hung for feeding her child first and I bawled. It was then that I vowed no one would tell me I shouldn't feed my baby how I wanted to feed her. When folks would tell me to stop I'd think of that poor mother and politely ignore them. I wanted and got to honor my ancestors with that sweet little freedom. And once we got the hang of it life was sweet. Not to mention it ended up saving Zoey who turned out to be allergic to every alternative to breast milk. While I bow to all mamas, today I honor all the mothers who chose to breastfeed. Your boobs are revolutionary liquid gold mines. No twister gonna steal your stuff away 👊🏽🌺 #breastfeeding #blackmomsbreastfeed #worldbreastfeedingweek2017 #normalizebreastfeeding #zoeyfanshen #breastfeedingawarenessmonth

I admire her spirit. In one breath she'll squeal and run towards Sharp Tooth and then cower when she hears the garage go up or down. She screams "I farted!" At the top of her lungs because she'll never be the friend who crop dusts and runs. She stands her ground, packs a mean punch/slap but also makes huge space for forgiveness. She's the center of my insanity but isn't that what true love is? In a nutshell... #zoeyfanshen

Today's soundtrack brought to you by Mr. Lamar

Last night I watched the VICE report and it reduced me to tears. I knew those couldn't be the last images I saw before bed so I took to my stories and started posting images of joy and excellence. It's not a cure all but it helps when you're in a pinch. #blackjoy does a soul good. Today I create safe spaces. #blacklivesmatter #lgbtqlove #letyoursoulglow✨

I was giving them Telly Tubby chic. They weren't ready.

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