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Holy labor of LOVE... I have learned in the last damn month that I am allergic to computer shit and addicted to the word shit. I've gone and created a podcast. (SoundCloud and iTunes) it's just a place where I'll be shooting the shit about shit people are shooting. Mostly it'll be about the delicious tv I consume but every once in a kiwi moon I'll gab about shit I'm actually shooting (that I haven't signed an NDA for.) hope all my fellow couch potato friends dig 🤗#ShootingTheShitAboutShitPeopleAreShooting #TishUPaperMakesSenseNow

So remember that super secret set day a while back... this is (ha ha get it) what I was up to. I was given the chance to tell those dang writers how brilliant and cruel they simultaneously are. For a brief period I was allowed to sit in front of a camera and basically bawl... got hoodwinked (@sterlingkb1 was listening in) and THEN given a chance to thank him for going there. Losing a parent is something profoundly personal. When it happens it connects those in that particular group together so I knew the courage and strength it took to experience that loss on screen... Ive known for quite a while that Sterling was a force but his final scene with William had me sobbing and bowing. Thank god for great writing, casting and thank you @nbcthisisus for allowing me to be a part of this here magic if only for a day. Best day ever. #thisisusnbc

"Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation." I actually never knew the day my father passed. I just thought it had happened on Mother's Day... then I met this amazing angel on set a couple weekends ago who told me things about my dad she just couldn't have known... she told me to pay attention to the day, to not look at it as a day of mourning but of a day of celebration... that death is the graduation of the soul. So today I thought of him with love and cried some happy tears while watching Guardians vo.2 (anyone who has seen it will understand) Rumi realizations. #may12th1990

I am a #motherlover. And because I love you @fitbottomedgirl I've made a donation in your name to @allianceofmoms. Now it's your turn. I'm nominating YOU to show a mother that you love her. Shoot a quick video on your phone, make a donation to Alliance of Moms (link in my profile), add the link in your profile, copy my post but switch in the name of a mother you love, and tag her! Ps they totally should let us tag more than one mama. Y'all know I love me some mamas!

#thespianLovers supporting our girl #theaterofnote #supper

She looked me dead in my eye and told me I need to take a better stand. Put money in my mom's hand and get her this college plan... so she don't need no man. You think it's all cool when your kid's showing signs of a reincarnated poet until she starts singing "Another" and that cracky voice kicks in. #whatHappenedToLittleKimThough #AshyToClassy

She rocked her Frida gear last week. This week she's all about Yayoi Kusama. Dotted face made possible by CeraVe and one tiny toddler tantrum to not rub it in (I'll understand the method to her madness once I've had coffee) ⚫️🔴🔵⚪️

Z heard Lorde say we'd never be royals to which she retorted back, "bump you and your peasant mama. I queen in my sleep." #SheThinksBeyondThePrincessShit

Blue squad Oh lawd. #PoetPics

She get it from her mama

I told her zombie Jesus was watching her ass

She wore a Frida Kahlo shirt. She jammed to No Woman, No Cry as well as some hit songs from Moana. She ate all the vegan cupcakes she desired and sat on her grandma's lap and embraced her RBF like a true birthday boss. Happy birthday Zoey. You rock kid. Glad you're apart of our spider motley crew. #zoeyFanshen

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