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I love when the planets align and you find yourself amongst magicians. I shot some new headshots with @joannadegeneres and it was just magic. She put some Solange Pandora on... @tarashakespearemakeup fluffed me up and made me glow and BAM! Out came the good stuff. I love it there. I didn't want to leave. And yes, I was creepy and yes I did linger longer than I should have. This is my year of doing exactly what my manager tells my ass to do (i.e. My year of yes) so hopefully I get to share the pics that will launch my damn dream soon. Fingers crossed. #headshots #joannadegeneresphotography #anactorslifeforme #commercialactor #sushiselfie


Last day for the yellow strings of "all done mama"

What you don't know is she did this to get in perfect farting position. (The story behind the perfect IG moment) Toddler life isn't sweet. It's brutal and if you blink you stink. #werdToYourMother

This is the stuff nightmares are made of. Don't catch your baby smiling at the camera like this... I DARE your ass to attempt to sleep peacefully through the night. I may or may not have splashed some of Mark's little stash of holy water near my bedroom door last night.

Bey stole my je ne sais quoi from '92. Just saying. #MarkIsSoLucky #CarpentersDelight

My kid's allergic to the planet so I was super duper excited when I figured out all the ingredients in this famous dessert of my mom's were safe. I cried sitting there licking the bowl with my kid... I used to do that with my mom. She totally had an allergic reaction (to what I don't know) but for those 10 or so minutes we were a flipping Hallmark moment and it was everything.

Om shanti shanti shanti

You know sometimes you wake up in the morning to the screams of your cracked out toddler. You get out of bed knowing you're about to get shit on (figuratively speaking knock on wood!) for the rest of your day so you say a quick little prayer and hope you can find something swell on social media to help you thru your day and #blackgirlmagic ✨poof!✨ you spy @saintrecords has posted and for 15 seconds you get to live weird; free to be. I may just put on some blue eyeshadow and see if I can't recreate the same spell on my bewitched child. Pray I survive. #420Comments #ThereAreNoCoincidences

Yo Ms Tornado Time 'til Tuesday, you're feminism is showing. #IfOneMustBeAPrincess