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If y'all didn't know, twenty fine years ago today I graced this world with my presence. Bow down ✊🏿- phil wrote this

Talk about SMOOTH 😎

Yesterday was cute as hell. Happy 1st Charlotte!!

Wow, what an experience. It's been a crazy month or so jumping in and working on our booth for this year's Comic-Con, but I had a great experience and worked with amazing teams to get it right! We made it πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ƒ #SDCCI #peopleofearth #TBS

Thandie Newton giving me a half smile, probably bc I haven't actually started watching Westworld yet 😜

Happy birthday Kelli!! It's been such a pleasure to watch you grow into a young lady and I just can't wait to see what this year brings for you. Love ya ❀️😘

Guess what I said to make her laugh

Such a beautiful shower! Baby Pires is coming into a lot of love ❀️ #ClubPires #Table5 #GoodTimes


There has got to be a remote country that I'm actually the princess of or something. WHY CAN'T I JUST BE RICH???

Look at that smile! I freaking love this picture, except for the creepy ass doll on the table. Anyway, Happy Fathers Day ❀️ ❀️❀️

Happy birthday to the cutest one year old I know 😍

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