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Luthfi Lunar  . Mahasiswa desain produk Itenas angkatan 2016

The Golden Eagle ( Aquila chrysaetos ) usually fly at average speeds of 28–32 mph, they can glide quickly at up to 81 mph and can reach 150 mph when diving after prey , The talons of the Golden Eagle exert an estimated 440 pounds per square inch of pressure, though the largest individuals may reach a pressure of 750 psi, around 15 times more pressure than is exerted by the human hand . For centuries, this species has been one of the most highly regarded birds used in falconry, with the Eurasian subspecies having been used to hunt and kill unnatural, dangerous prey such as Gray Wolves in some native communities , and also this is the biggest species known by the effective falconry hunting purpose .The Golden Eagle is the eighth-most common bird depicted on postage stamps with 155 stamps issued by 71 stamp-issuing entities

While the another one is The Harris's hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus) formerly known as the bay-winged hawk or dusky hawk, is a medium-large bird of prey that breeds from the southwestern United States south to Chile, central Argentina, and Brazil and also the another with light white bellied coloration , the Changeable hawk eagle ( Nisaetus cirrhatus ) is bigger than the harris's natively soaring above javan island forrest canopies

Oh i forgot to tell those nice kimono jacket made by @te_vartha the dope falconry vest by #predatorapparel and very awesome photo shot by @denigodx and also my favorite raw denim that accompany me after intense falconry activity the #mischiefdenim so yeah those ripped on the knees is scratch by the talons of those bird , i think that was pretty cool
#falconryindonesia #indonesianfalconry #bop #rawdenim #darahkubiru

Layung design ideation
Electric roadster vehicle
You can support my concept in the @musclecar_indonesia 's electric vehicle design contest , simply goes to this page and click the like button https://www.instagram.com/p/Be5sDQPAeiT/

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