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That’s my guy!!!! Shout out to my brother @damianlillard You ain’t have to do it like that!!!!!!!!

I’m a Sapiosexual, let me explain!!
When a man goes on a date, I believe it is proper etiquette that he leaves his phone in the car. Being FULLY present, giving that woman his undivided attention is the most simple yet powerful thing he can do to display his interest.
This has always been easy for me because I’m a sapiosexual.
A sapiosexual is a person who finds intelligence sexual attractive or arousing.
To me, the most intimate feeling in the world isn’t sex....
It’s a deep, transparent, connecting conversation where you can tell a person is in love with your mind. The way you think, the way you understand exactly where that person is coming from and because of that, they have the comfort to share things they haven’t EVER shared with anyone. A physical connection could never do much for me, but one who could stimulate my mind could drive me wild. In my 20’s, the main thing that made it easy for me to focus on building my business and not be physical with a bunch of woman is because it was rare I came across someone who turned my on mentally. No matter how fine she looked, if I wasn’t mentally attracted to a woman there was no way I could share a physical experience with her. I think it would actually be awkward, y’all would just lay there. With the right person, after a nap, conversations in bed can be just as intimate if not more intimate than the sexual act itself.
Learn how to make love to that mind FIRST, and you will be surprised just how much more amazing it will be making love to that body.
Shout out to the sapiosexuals out there.

A woman is not supposed to just follow your lead simply because you are a man. You must earn your voice in her life, and it’s going to require your consistency to keep it that way. And trust, she’s ALWAYS watching! The first sign of a man who is not ready to be a leader is one who is constantly complaining to his woman and about his woman. In many cases, the reason she’s not “acting right” is because of his inability to lead. Either she’s agitated from trying to follow the lead of a man who has no clue how to step up OR he chose a woman who may have intense trauma from a previous relationship or childhood and needs someone gentle, strong and patient to be an anchor in her life. And either we can step up or step out the way.
I believe marriage vows SHOULD NOT be “Til death do us part.” They should be “Til Death Do Your Part!”
The day that I stop doing my part should be the day I expect my wife to change my role in her life while I take the time to get myself together. And if I’m not able to get it together, eventually we won’t be together! Plain and simple. Just three days ago, my wife told me that she wish we had met a long time ago, and to imagine how much even more we would have accomplished together by now. Once she reads this she will know that was the best compliment I’ve ever received from her. It also encourages me even more to be a better covering.

4 Diff guys commented on my page saying, "It's EASY for me to proudly display my love for my woman simply because she's ATTRACTIVE." (I want to help any guys out there who may share this mentality)

No bro, I display love for my woman because of one reason only.. SHE'S MY WOMAN!
She's the 1 special person I selected to share life with in an entire world filled with BILLIONS of people. She's an extension of Me.. She's a representation of Me.. To Me.. That's Special! (if you share yourself with multiple women, I don't expect you to understand) Something also very important to mention, "I Love Myself" & I take pride in the man I'm working to become.

If you're NOT proud of who you are, you WILL NOT be able to see the value of what you have! You WILL NOT not feel that what you have deserves to be cherished, but you WILL give "hell" to the ONLY person who actually chose to stick around to accept you and your bull💩!

You WILL NOT understand the beauty behind another man showing value to what belongs to him because the way you think to treat what you have is totally different during this phase of your life. And all you can do is make excuses "why" it's easier for another man to love what he has. You might have exactly what you think I have, but before you will actually be able to see that very same beauty in your lady, you must FIRST see it in yourself! You might see my woman as the total package behind the visual half package only because I chose to give you the other half based on how I speak of her value.

My advice for guys who think like that would be to start making an intentional effort to appreciate their lady for the "little things" about her that makes her beautiful on the inside, & not only will you view her equally as appealing out the outside, you'll also finally realize that she's uniquely the ONLY person in this entire world EXACTLY the way she is. AND, not only did you choose her, She Also Chose You!

And THAT ALONE should be enough reason to value her as the queen she is.. Simply because SHE'S YOURS!!

The Novo XT2 is the best massage chair in the industry. One day I went to Costco and I saw the Novo XT (the older model) out of the floor. I sat in the chair and I was sold within the first 10 seconds of sitting in the chair! Human Touch thank you for sending this amazing chair. I will be updating you all on my journey with the chair as my body has been been banged up from many years of sports, and working out, and a shoulder injury. Not to mention, as we get older things start feeling a little different so I needed something to give my body the therapy it needs. And I believe the Novo XT2 is exactly what by body has been missing!! it literally feels like hands giving you a massage ALL OVER and it goes into zero gravity putting your feet well above your heart while massaging you at the same time. its also comes with bluetooth capabilities so you can play music listen to a audiobook. This chair isa the truth y'all!!

Looking back at some of the text messages my dad sent me when he was still with us and I could not stop myself from laughing in public. He was sending me messages saying that he’s happy for me but he believes I have joined the Illuminati. Then, it used to hurt my feelings a little but now I think it’s hilarious. That’s the only explanation he could give me based off of how much my life has changed so quickly from one day being a little boy with a dream to a grown man living the exact life I envisioned for myself. The craziest part about it all is that the only reason I ever dreamed anything so big was because of what HE envisioned I could become. So it was actually him that was crazy enough to think I could do anything and he was confident enough that he could teach me how to work so I could bring all my dreams to life.
I guess he didn’t realize how great of a job he actually did because when he saw the amount of fruit produced in my life, he couldn’t make any sense of it. To me, this means that he believed well beyond what he could see.
When someone believes in you beyond what they can actually see and they are willing to support your wildest dreams, you have one job... TO SEE IT!!
Accept that it can be your life. And one day it will!!
Then, you will enhance in them the very same belief system they once instilled in you!

Kathy and I wanted to bless a random family in need during the holiday season with $1,000, buy gifts for the kids and pay any pertinent bills the individual may have. Seeing the look on the kids faces when they saw their Christmas gifts brought tears to my eyes. We are incredibly proud of this strong, courageous, mother for changing her life around, and allowing God to use her to help others. Seeing good makes you feel good so I hope this video touches you as much as this moment touched me.

What do you want VS What do you need??
Think about it.
Me, personally....
If I want it, then I need it.
As long as you have wants you’ll never have to worry about what you need. Especially when your wants are needs. Someone might say but what about when you need something you don’t wan’t. Works the same way, if I need it then I better be smart enough to want it too!
What do you want.. is it something you can live without?? WAIT!!!
Whoever said your wants had to be things you must learn to live without?
We are all here on this planet to do one thing... LIVE!! People, it’s your life. Your human experience. Stop letting people condition you that you aren’t grateful if you want more in your life. Stop telling me what you don’t need and tell me what it is you do want!! Some of us are afraid to answer that question because of the fear of failure, pure laziness in already knowing they aren’t willing to work for anything so it feels better to say they are content with what they have, or maybe even they just don’t believe they are deserving enough to choose and they think they are supposed to just get whatever life brings them.
What is the difference between a Want and a Need? -
The immediate action you are willing to put in toward what it is you want.
When your wants become your needs that’s when you will realize how fast things will start to come your way for you.
The world is truly yours.
Restore your joy by having say in your life once again. Go for it, the joy is in the journey.
What do you want? Research how to get it. Set clear goals, and Get to it!!

Courtside Golden State Warriors vs Orlando Magic... WAIT FOR IT!!!

If you do not agree with something DO NOT interrupt to share your opinion, say that you don’t agree, or say it’s not true!
IT IS NOT HEALTHY to say someone’s perception isn’t true.
It’s true to them, and although it may not be true to you, HOWEVER, if you put the person in the place of comfortability, then you just might have the opportunity to understand why the other person could feel how they feel and think what they think. Don’t allow your opinions to block you from hearing another person’s heart and true transparency. Keep your facial expressions together. Don’t allow your emotions to shut them and you down! Even a person is calmly explaining themselves from a place of defensiveness, because of your reactive facial expressions, you will experience the mild tension stemming from a person who simply wanted to be understood. Let them share because the last thing you want is someone you love feeling like they have to talk to everyone else in order to not be judge all because we are so comfortable with someone, that we lose genuine interest in hearing what they has to say.

People will get offended when you DO NOT stoop to their level.
What’s going to keep you from loosing your cool with them? This understanding RIGHT HERE
“I’m just like you, and constant reminders like your actions are what helps me choose different. I’m different because I understand I’m just like you.” My Point Is This..
DO NOT judge the actions of others!! We are all human and all of us can be one situation away from flipping out on someone in the midst of a tough day. One of the worst things you can do as a person trying to evolve is to judge someone else for acting a fool. Instead, raise your self awareness by observing how ridiculous their behavior looks to you and say to yourself, “No matter how frustrated I become, I cannot allow my emotions to cause me to represent myself in that matter.” Having the respect that at any given time, we can BECOME and DO anything in ANY given moment can humble us and place us back in a position where we are working to evolve AND LESS in a critical seat where we feel we have it all figured out, yet the day we we flip out, we then justify our actions saying “I’m not normally like this, so for me to act this way should be justified”
Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to observe and reflect when you see others set poor examples for themselves that you are striving to refrain from. Because, the day you start judging you stop growing! AND... The day you think you’re better than the next man or woman will be the day God will gladly expose to you just how human you are!
Stay Humble, Stay Reflective and Stay Growing Y’all!!

Some of us are hanging with the same friends and staying in the same relationships because we’re comfortable.. ..
We’re complaining but we’re comfortable. ..
We are not ready to make changes so in reality we are the same people we are saying we need to avoid!!
Which leads me to my next point..
We are avoiding ourselves!!!
Deal with your shit man.
Decide whether or not you are ready to grow and stop being bipolar with your friends you claim you hate being around every other week you feel a little inspired. You are them and they are you!! PERIOD!!
We’re so busy trying to be around better people that it is replacing the time it takes to be a better person to be around.
Think about it!
Be a better person to be around then appropriately place yourselves in the “NEW circles” you now belong in.

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