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🕉 Emma Belle 🕉  ✧☽/☼ in Leo, Cap↑ ∞ yogi ∞ hooper ∞ STS9 ✧ ◎ cultivating my deepest self through movement since Jan 2016 ◎

When it’s 70 degrees in November you get your yoga on w your best friends 🌞🌷

Post-yoga flow > pre-yoga flow always. If you’re having a block I would suggest doing some yoga or meditation before you practice it makes a world of difference🌞

This is v embarrassing but I’m posting this to keep myself from quitting lol. I’ve been saying I would start doubles for like a year and half and have avoided it cause I generally hate not being good at things and failing but that’s how I got good at one hoop so I told my insecurities to shut up and I’m doin it! Got the three beat weave down today but if you have any good tutorials hit ya girl up 🧚🏼‍♂️

The headiest lil fairy on the blockkk 🔮✨ #papadosio #ravefromthegrave #halloween

I try not to post too much of my boring life on here but today I was one of the 8 students out of the 1300 in my major selected to receive recognition and a $2000 award for excellence in the Economics department at my university! And I be braggin cause I fucking worked my ass off for four years and went through a lot of horrible shit and persevered! So YAY ME I DID IT!

Some reheated leftovers from flow club last week cause I have the flu 🤧🤒 (feat commentary by @lillahoops lmao)

WTF IS HAPPENING LOOK AT ALL THESE COMBOS IM SCREAMING WHERE DID THIS FLOW COME FROM 😫🙏🏼 #stopdropandspin for my babe @sydworrom_ passing to some lovely flow goddesses @apuckk_hoops @misshoopdidoo @medusa_mckell @dahlia.dear 💕

So fuckin happy with this flow session & this new Tipper EP 👽 I feel like when I’m most run down mentally and emotionally my flow is so much better. Maybe it’s cause I have so much pent up I need to release. Whatever it is it feels fantastic to dance it out 🔥

Some nights ya just feelin yaself 🔥🥀 •

#stopdropandspin for @theamazingspiderman passing it to @meleahalexander @jenni_flowww & @truetr.u.e 💕

Please excuse the slop I have severe pre-test anxiety and needed to hoop it out and since I’ve been slacking severely on IG I though I’d use this as a #stopdropandspin for the many people I owe them to 😓 my last semester of undergrad is slowly killing me and on top of working 20-30 hours a week I haven’t had much time for my hoops. I will try to be be better (for you guys but also myself cause I need this circle to keep me sane lol) 🤷🏼‍♀️ ALSO shoutout to @blatalie_ for the inspiration on the chest roll combo. Your energy and innovation always make me want to get up and hoop more so thank you for inspiring me this week ☺️

The amount of love I have in my heart for this lil bug is honestly ridiculous🖤#mycatismyspiritanimal

It me with a late night drunk selfie

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