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Christopher  "Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."

Fun Fact: I used to have a crush on her, and she used to hate me with an intense passion. Thank you for continuing to be the amazing friend you are, especially during this particularly difficult time for me. I love you so much. #WCW

When old men start slipping you $20's for helping them send an email...

I am currently trying to lighten my own load and retrain the way I think with the help of the Dalai Lama and his book on practicing compassion. #Buddhism

#TBT: This shit was unnecessary.

"This isn't real enough for you, Billy? I'm not real enough for you? It was real enough for Georgie." #BillSkarsgård #Pennywise #It #MCM #Irma #2017

My life source, my weakness...

Better yet... tell your cab driver to stay in her/his lane until you get a license and can do it yourself. (See? I can be a tired, basic bitch too.) #FOH

The predicament is real. I've already put a dent in two of these -- and I'm currently 100 pages into #It -- but I want to start reading all of these now.

I am currently in need of everyone to go ahead and worry about their (own) lives and their (own) careers.

Currently waiting to watch the first showing of #It like...

🎶Now it's gone. They say it doesn't matter anymore🎶 #Sara #StevieNicks #FleetwoodMac #AHS #Coven #LilyRabe #MistyDay

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