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Luqman Mohdari  I love pancakes on Sundays.


#admiraltypark day! He wasn’t impressed with the slides though. 😅 #adammdluqman 📷: @directorturtle

five months now and i’m feeling like you’ve grown too fast. how time flies. love you (and your mum) to the moon and back! #adammdluqman #fathiahxluqman

adam... tengok minah mana tu... #adammdluqman #fathiahxluqman 📷: @shilaltf

it’s rare that #adammdluqman cooperates with the photographer. so, kudos to @fathu_jam for capturing this moment!
also, a shout-out to my great friends, still grinding it out in FELS. thanks for dinner! @ashraffnasli @bainuls @amrezduan @maverizk @riez19

this is probably the highlight of the trip. visit everland at least once in your life. ❤️ #adammdluqman #fathiahxluqman 📷: @catrisyia

feeling sad cause holiday's over 😂#adammdluqman

thank you @catrisyia for spending a week with us in seoul. we love you! ❤️❤️❤️ #adammdluqman #fathiahxluqman

a must-go if you're visiting 🇰🇷! #adammdluqman #fathiahxluqman

#adammdluqman bubbling away at the palace compounds! #fathiahxluqman

❤️ #adammdluqman

on a 983-meter former highway in Seoul that turned into a sky-garden! thanks @catrisyia for the tour and 📷!

♥️🔒🔒🔒 #adammdluqman

here's to many more family holidays! 🇰🇷 #adammdluqman #fathiahxluqman 📷 credit to @catrisyia

"Hmm. Let's see. 🤔 Universal Studios Singapore - checked ☑️. Everland in South Korea next?" #adammdluqman ❤️

#ootd yesterday cause he thought we were going to USS - but we didn't in the end! #adammdluqman

yesterday's anniversary dinner (without the small one) 😂 #fathiahxluqman #sorrynotsorry

happy first anniversary! thank God for all the blessings - especially for baby Adam! 👶🏻 big shoutout to @thehalia for the sumptuous dinner. @fathfudged #fathiahxluqman

dedicating this post to this bunch! #eid2017
to fathu and rizal, may your weddings run smoothly. marriage is a lifetime commitment - in shaa Allah - till Jannah. @fathu_jam @riez19
to ashraff and ahmad, sooner or later, it will be your turn. all the best in keeping it together! @ashraffnasli @amrezduan
to behnuls, have fun! as long as you're happy, i'm happy for you as well! @bainuls

first raya outing and probably the last for this year. after 5 weeks, adam could finally fit into his @cuteclozet baju kurung (with samping). how adorable! ❤️#adammdluqman #fathiahxluqman #eid2017

3 days to a month old! #adammdluqman ❤️❤️❤️

grow strong and healthy, my boy. ❤️ #adammdluqman

adam couldn't fit into his green baju kurung romper just yet! 👶🏻 #eid2017 #fathiahxluqman #adammdluqman

selamat hari raya everyone! love from #adammdluqman ❤️ @fathfudged #eid2017

Alhamdulillah! Glad that both mummy and son are healthy! ❤️ #adammdluqman #fathiahxluqman

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