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David  Deeply flawed -- lazy, unambitious, unorganized, chronically late, insensitive, unreliable, borderline OCD, bad table manner ..... but I am fun!

Checking out the sheriff's new ride ...

Took the morning off from work to weed the backyard in my futile attempt to regain control from mother nature

Paint and window treatments and this condo is ready ....

Can we say "awkward"? Their facial expressions and hand gestures said it all
#awkwardmoment #awkward #unconfortable

My morning commute to work ...

The condo is almost ready for paint .....

Today is all about trims -- baseboards and casings. Luv that Paslode cordless nail gun!


Young Daniel luvs his new phone!

I tried to watch this movie the other night but fell asleep -- too boring! There's a lot of angry bald guys in the movie .... but Charlize was awesome​ no matter how bad the movie is 😉


Really dude?

Tesla's Auto-Pilot computer is a hybrid between Nvidia's Drive PX2 for Autocruise and Drive PX2 for Autochauffe motherboards -- single SoC and single discrete GPU input for camera and radar sensors. Sigh!
#tesla #teslaautopilot #nvidiapx2 #notready4level5selfdriving

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