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#Barracoon By Zora Neale Hurston
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“If you do not train in technique, but only fill your breast with principle, your body and your hands will not function. Training in technique, if put into terms of your own martial art, is in the training that if practiced over and over again makes the five body postures one. Even though you know principle, you must make yourself perfectly free in the use of technique. And even though you may wield the sword that you carry with you well, if you are unclear on the deepest aspects of principle, you will likely fall short of proficiency. Technique and principle are just like the two wheels of a cart.” - Takuan Sōhō “The Unfettered Mind”


When I was a shorty I can’t remember what exact age but real young like 10 or so. Living out west on Madison. Me and my best friend Cochise devised a plan to get some money. Big Money! Get out the hood and buy jaguars money. Our plan was not to sell dope, or rob people, or do credit card scams, or become pimps, or even become rappers...our plan was STOCKS! We started a stock company lol i can’t remember the name. We got the newspaper and started to try and learn about the stock market. We were gonna invest in like Coca Cola etc. One hitch though...we was broke. Lol Little Debbie money. BUT that didn’t stop us from cooking up the plan and doing the research. And announcing that we were gonna build something in the middle of a war zone. And what we were gonna do with the money. From that moment till now I’ve never let go of that idea and that drive to build and uplift.
Somebody gunned him down last night in front of the same buildings we grew up in on Madison. The place where we hatched our plan to start something bigger than ourselves.
I feel so responsible for not doing more with my successes in life to pull my people out. But I’m utterly grateful for the push you gave me when were shorties which got me out.
In loving memory and with a heavy heart... Live Through Me...

At 36 I’m still doing what i did when I was 3. I hope the same will be the case when I’m 63 etc etc...
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Lesson 39 from the #Budoshoshinshu

“We are to practice, practice with whatever we may have at hand, until the enemies of our own anger, hesitation and greed are cut down with the celerity and decisiveness of the strike of a sword.” - “The Unfettered Mind”

And Yet Another #BestOfTheBest Prophecy Has Come To Pass

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Lesson #37 From The “Budoshoshinshu”

The Next Generation Of Jaco Family Karate Domination!!! 🥋 #OSS #KingNas 😊 #Nephews

Most of the thoughts we have are not our own. Products of colony. Does this colonial mentality follow us even into the next life? What happens when we reverse appropriate our foreign mental concepts? What does it mean when we make them our own? Altering and adjusting them to fit our own concerns. Do we become Bolonialists? “Epiphanies #7”

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