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Lupe Becerra  Director of Photography

Simón and his pet human.

It's beginning to *cost alot like X-mas. 🎡

No such thing as present. There is only the future and recent past. 📍#santacruz 💄: @makeupartistjc3

Who said I didn’t play with Barbies?

90’s baby stuck in the 70’s
PC: @ingrid_michaella_

Aaand Pause! ⏸😘 PC: @rocioooadriana

“Viejo mi querido viejo
Ahora ya caminas lento
Cómo perdonando el viento
Soy tu silencio y tu tiempo.
Yo soy tu sangre mi querido viejo...”-José Tcherkaski y Piero Antonio Franco de Benedicts

It’s this big girls 21st barfday! I miss the hell out of you Chio. Seriously, my workouts have not been the same since you left. Instead of my parents getting me a puppy or a kitten, they made you. And I am so thankful for it. Growing up with you and taking care of you has been more then getting in trouble for all your travesuras. It’s been laughing and learning from all the ideas that pop up in your head. I don’t know how you make them all fit in your mind. I am very proud of you for getting out of your comfort and pushing your boundaries by going to a whole other country on your own. Love you and can’t wait for your return. Happy birthday baby sister. #225lbs @rocioooadriana

Never have I ever walked in china town at night. *one figure goes down
PC: @ingrid_michaella_
#Salinas #California

I want to wish my beautiful girlfriend a happy birthday! Thank you so much for everything you do. You are the best weapon a partner can have to kick some ass when getting things done. I love you “sofa” “king” much! Thank you for all the countless laughs. You’re gorgeous but your humor is 👌🏻 golden; and for that, yes I will still love you when you’re no longer young and forever beautiful. 💄 by: @makeupartistjc3 #night #photography

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