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  » Remember this feeling. This is the moment you stop being the rabbit. « -- The Foxhole Court; Nora Sakavic

#Throwback to when I first buzzed my hair and people told me I looked like Halsey.
I don't regret it, but I'm also glad that it has grown back by now, especially since my hair grows so impossibly slowly. 😩 { #buzzcut · #selfie · #halsey · #lookalike · #iwishhonestly · #halseyishot · #lipstickis · #nyxstonefox · #btw · #nosponslol · #plssponsermenyx }

Thanks to @hotaru.cosplay I managed to post three days in a row wtf. And let me just say, I love these photos so much! So thanks to Hotaru for taking pictures of me and thanks to Shirou for forcing me. Also thanks to @damienvoid for being my Raven. I appreciate it so much. That said I felt horrible that day.
At first it took me three and more hrs to put on all the green, my teeth (I'm wearing fangs on my botton teeth you can't see because I'm too awkward to do any real and in character posing which I regret, like LOTS), my ears etc. and then my eyes wouldn't stop watering so the makeup around that area wouldn't stay on -- not that it would really stay on on any other part of my body. (You can see it stain my shirt on the left photo.) I couldn't really touch anyone except for people who weren't in cosplay and didn't care if I left green stains on their clothes. And I'm a hugger. I need to hug my friends and I need to hug them long and make sure I squeeze them right (to death). 👀
That said I was in a very bad mood and I am terribly sorry to anyone who had to deal with me that day. But on the positive side, I love the photos and I love Damien as Raven and I love Beast Boy (he's my childhood crush actually) and I don't think the wig is that terrible either, so I just have to work on my posing and get make-up that's not water based. (And maybe do a make-up test before I am wearing something with fucking body paint on a convention, but no, I thought it couldn't be THAT bad... spoiler alert: I've never been more wrong in my life. Body paint is awful and I hate it. And I would do it again, because I love Beast Boy more than my life.)
The character's clothing is based on @_picolo's amazing artwork! If you don't know it, check it out right the fuck now, because it's awesome and perfect and it helped me rediscovering my love for the Teen Titans A LOT!

Beast Boy is me
Raven is @damienvoid
Photos + edit by @hotaru.cosplay
Based on @_picolo's casual Teen Titans
{ #dccosplay · #teentitanscosplay · #beastboycosplay · #ravencosplay · #teentitansgo · #nottheshowthecatchphrasedumbass · #whichshoweven · #bodypaintisTHEWORST · #damienismyraebaeandilovethem }

Same look, different lighting. Let's see if I can keep up with posting regularly. Spoiler: Probably not.
I have to work the morning shift tmrw rip me. { #pastelaesthetics · #ootd · #nyx · #toofaced · #selfie · #betterthansexmascarais👌 · #soft }

I always feel weird wearing pastel colours even if I love em?! Idk { #selfie · #soft · #pastelcolours · #butstillgrungeybcicanthelpit · #toofaced · #nyx }

#nomodel, but srsly I am only 5 ft tall and I fucking wish tbh
Golden hour is one of the only positive things about autumn season for me since I am impossible prone to winter depression so it's gonna be hard to get out of bed the next months, but what can you do 🙌
Anyway, I am currently growing out my buzzcut from July and it's a mess, but I am planning on letting it grow to at least Idk cheekbone length, but don't hold me to that 🙈
{ #buzzcut · #autumnootd · #nyxmattelipstick · #goldenhour · #andmanyfilterslbr · #ididmakeupforthefirsttimeinagesanditfeltgreat }

-- from The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, p. 239.

My little entry for @maggie_stiefvater's give away!
I just love the way Maggie picks her words so every sentence (at least from The Raven Cycle series) would've been a perfect quote for this “contest“. I eventually decided on this one because of how peculiar it is to The Raven Cycle series as a whole in how it conveys excitement, magic and adventure in such a mundane, concrete way.

Good luck to everyone else who's entering! { #maggiestiefvater · #theravencycle · #theravenboys · #quote · #bookquotes · #bookstagram · #bookaesthetics · #wellitried }

I'm sorry I keep spamming with this, but I just love it so much. I wanna make a gif out of it and decorate my walls with it. If that was possible. I am a little sad that I never do cosplay shoots and therefore never have nice photos of anything. I am so scared I'll get old without having “accomplished“ anything and even if it's just nice cosplays to remember. I know that's probably stupid, but I feel a little down at the moment and my favourite characters are one of the things that keep me up and happy. I love making up headcanons and think of how the characters would react in certain scenarios. Sometimes I wish I had enough motivation to write again, because I think my stories aren't too bad. I hope I can overcome this time in my life where everything just feels like another obsticle to overcome and I am feeling I don't even have time to catch my breath and relax or enjoy the things I should actually be enjoying like cosplay for example. And it's not even like I am constantly doing stuff, but my mind just wouldn't shut up and make me feel so guilty and stressed out for every second that I don't use for being productive. This is also why writing really helps, because for that moment I am just concentrating on that one thing and it feels really liberating to shut out all the rest.
Anyway I've been rambling too much. You can watch the “full“ version of that video @theravensquadig. So check that out if you haven't already!
I'm sure I'll feel better soon and be more able to get stuff done when everything has settled in a little more. (Aka I've found another job.)
Stay strong everyone and don't let your to-do lists bring you down! ❤
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Cosplaying Tim Drake was the birthday present I made myself this year, and I have to admit I actually think he suits me quite well 🙈
I don't know if it's the make up or the hair, but I do look a little different, which I like. Plus it was especially nice of @deadgoldenboy to be my superboyfriend at AnimagiC. (He also sent me one of the best birthday messages, so 😘)
The wig is a mess and I still have to figure out how to style it so I am happy with it, but I am working on it. 💦
Anyway! I hope you all like this as much as I do. I got most of the feedback at the con on my blood mask, which is really not all that great?! I mean I basically really just smeared blood across my eyes, but I was very happy nontheless of course! So thanks to everyone who said sth nice. 💕
{ #dc · #dccosplay · #timdrakecosplay · #redrobincosplay · #wellnotreallybut · #idlovetodotheshowgirlsuit · #withthewings }

Accidental selfie from Saturday that turned out nice! AnimagiC was fine if a little too uneventful for my taste. But then again I loved wearing Yuri 😾 on Saturday and Timmy 🐦 on Sunday, because they're both characters I feel very comfortable as, which was very good.
Anyway, I am dead tired and on my way to work and I just saw a squirrel running by outside the train so life is good. 💕 { #yuriplisetskycosplay · #yurionicecosplay · #yoicosplay · #willievergettiredofthatboy · #probablynot · #lovetheflowercrownnoahmademe }

These were my cosplays for CosDay! Yuri on Saturday and Renee on Sunday.
I am still sad for destroying my Yuri jacket by falling on my back because of the roller blades we were wearing as a substitude for actual ice skates. 💦 Hope I'll find a way to fix it. I still also want leo print yoga pants, though.
Anyway! Con was a blast. I love both my Beka and my little TFC group from Sunday! You were the best. 💋
I might delete everything on here and make it more of an aesthetic cosplay insta thing?! IF I eventually find the time and motivation, but I really want to! Hope you don't mind.
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A little sth I did for @theparkerluck yesterday. As in SPONTANEAOUS KEITH MAKE UP TEST, YAY. I gotta say I am quite pleased about the turn out, especially considering I wore him before last year and didn't like it at all. But now I am HYPED to wear him again and redo the jacket and everything properly. And also all the shenanigans with my pretty Lance. ❤ { #voltronlegendarydefender · #vld · #keithkogane · #keithkoganecosplay · #dontmindthechaosinthebg · #igottatidyup · #likern }

Little something @xrenalee took of my Renee Walker cosplay at Leipzig bookfair this Saturday. You can't see much but the wig is indeed rainbow dip dyed! (First try dying a wig, too, and it was quite an adventure!) I am excited to wear this again with Rena as my beautiful Allison and take some real pictures together then 💕 (We are also planning on doing the jerseys, so stay tuned!) We even got recognized twice, so thanks again to those who did in case that you see this, because we totally didn't expect it! { #allforthegame · #allforthegamecosplay · #thefoxholecourt · #thefoxholecourtcosplay · #tfc · #tfccosplay · #reneewalker · #reneewalkercosplay · #foxesftw · #howsthefoxemojinotavailabeoninstagram · #bummer }

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