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ⓘⓝⓢⓟⓘⓡⓔⓓ ⓑⓨ ⓘⓜⓐⓖⓘⓝⓐⓣⓘⓞⓝ  , ᕱ🎀ᕱ (・人・)ノ♡🇸🇬 ✨Mixed Media Crafter✨ Nailist @imagineiru🌟 🌠Custom Orders FULL! 🍓Since Feb '14 🌛Nxt Store Update - 16 DEC 6PM EST☄️

✨ End of Season Pin Sale - Pls read! ✨ Hi Everyone! Pin stocks have been updated and most of my previous designs are on sale!! ♥️ I have no plans to remake any of them so be sure to grab them while stocks last!♥️ UFO pins have also been added to the store!! - - All shipping will be done next week so you can combine shipping with my upcoming weekend milk shaker collection ♥️ Extra Shipping fees will be refunded if double charged ♥️ I'm putting the pins up earlier so you don't have to rush to grab both pins and keychains ♥️♥️ Thank you so much!! 💖🎄 Happy Holidays!! 🎄❤️🎁

Digging for photos to post 😂 I haven't shared my UFO catcher pins yet! It's been quite a long process of manufacturing roughly 300 pins for this collection! Unfortunately I haven't sorted the remaining pins after settling kickstarter rewards, so I haven't put these on my shop ❤️ I really like the little slidey claw 😂💋

Posting something different cuz I haven't sorted my product pics - these are paintings done on nail tips using 100% Pregel (Japan pot gel) and Gelgraph ❤️ I'm working on a series and also to keep practising 😉 more nail work on my nailist portfolio @imagineiru ☺️❤️

✨ Never Stop Believing ✨ Unicorn surprise shaker charm - custom order claimed 💛💛 Only the second unicorn I've made after the first one more than a year ago

✨ Red-dy for Christmas! ✨ This classic colours kitty shaker looks perfect for the season! 😍🎄❤️🌟Custom Requested ❤️✨🌠

✨ Sparkly Collection Launched! ✨ head over to for what's available! 🌙🌠🌟

✨ Sale Info! ✨ Who actually reads all the captions? 😂 I always hope people do. This collection is a super sparkly and vibrant one with holo effects, chrome effects, genuine crystal rhinestones and more! 😍 LAUNCHING 2 Dec 6pm EST / 3 Dec 7am SGT on ✨☺️ Sale pieces are not up for reservation and they are also not available as customs at this time 😣😣 I really hope everyone can respect that! ❤️ I will continue to work on having small sales and maybe one last customs batch for the year ✨❤️ Thank you so much 😍 here's a fry if you read all the way! 🍟

✨ Look to the Stars ✨ Last but not least, my favourite piece... I want one for myself! 😭 Chrome accents LTS Boba drink charm with a holo drink label! 🌠 decorated with lots of extra sparkly crystal rhinestones and a dash of craftsmun magick 🌙 Matched with a pastel bow printed with LTS design and a star keychain 🌟 Available 2 Dec 6pm EST ☄️

✨ Take a Bow ✨ A dreamy piece with chrome pink accents. Makes the sweetest company for your everyday bag! 💖 Available 2 Dec 6pm EST on 💖

✨ Something Magical ✨ A couple of surprise pieces in tomorrow's update! ♡ This adorable pale heart was sitting pretty for some time before I finally finished embellishing the keychain bit ♡ Went the extra mile with this one, sugar cube and all 😉Available in my upcoming sale!

✨ Winter Wanderland ✨ the next tiny sale featuring this winter Wand and tiny Maneki Neko will be on 3rd Dec Monday 7am SGT, that's 2nd Dec Sunday at 6pm EST (pls correct me if I'm wrong!- I moved the timing up a little for CEST friends) 💎💎 So many special pieces for this season yay! 😍

✨ Precious in Pink ✨ A cute little custom bone shaped shaker charm from the previous batch ^^💕🍖

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