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Rachel Barrett  Yogi Musician + Writer East Coaster with a wild Wanderlust πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸŒŽ Making magic as I explore this life deep as the ocean.


On top of the world in what I can only describe as the Anahata Mountains. Vermont is one special place.
Lush green in all directions, glitter on faces and hugs from strangers. Practicing with teachers I've been inspired by for years all day long in massive classes and then dancing the night away together. @wanderlustfest I love you. #luminousandwild #innerfireluminary #yoga

Love finds us when we are open to it.
The way the emerald trees dance in the wind.
The waterfalls hidden forever falling into themselves.
All is one in presence. You cannot separate your self from this nature, love expressing itself in all of our forms.
Days and days of potent practice, stripping off the layers of self. Who is hiding beneath the surface?
Go deeper, breathe fully, trust completely. #yoga #luminousandwild #love

Transformation is messy.
It pushes your buttons and expands your comfort in a way that feels like coarse sandpaper on your softest pieces.
@seanecorn led us in a potent practice yesterday with the reminder "There's no healing what you reject looking at or delving into." My invitation to you today is to go there.
Feel it.
Observe the reactions, the stories, the ways you walk away from the windows of growth. Step in. Step in. Step in. #luminousandwild #yoga #myinnerfire #innerfireluminary

You are a perfect fit.
The world needs exactly what you love to do. Charge yourself on all levels so you can rise through the duality and discomfort.
This journey of peace illuminates the path for all. #myinnerfire #innerfireluminary #yoga #goexplore

From morning alchemy to late night freestyle campfire jam, my spirit is soaking in each and every one of these magical moments we co-create.
Blessed being in a space with so many wild hearts and open minds. Abundance is saying yes to the now even when you're shaking in side plank.
Yes yes YES! #wanderlust #yoga #myinnerfire #innerfireluminary art by:@10000buddhas leggings by: @myinnerfire use "RachelB" for 15% off ✨

Wishing everyone an incredible Summer Solstice and a joyous #internationalyogaday πŸ™πŸ½
There aren't many words I can find in this moment to describe the synchronicity unfolding. Spent last night in the sunset glow under a double rainbow and rose this morning before sunrise to arrive here at the spectacularly beautiful @wanderlustfest Vermont!
Perfect place to spend the first weekend of summer!
If you're here too, let's connect!
#cometogether #wanderlust #yogaeverydamnday

Headstands in the sand and in the forest and on a board in the water - Anyplace is a great place to flip your perspective! Only two days until we make the trek to #cometogether at @wanderlustfest Stratton!
So excited to see @myinnerfire tribe, and meet my fellow #wanderlust Ambassadors!

Ive tried all day long to write a few words about my dad but I just cry instead. He truly is the kindest, most fiercely love filled and resilient man I could have ever chosen.
Today I managed to get him in some @myinnerfire pants to try a little yoga - oh my gosh we laughed and laughed! He surprised me with how spontaneously playful he became.
It is this spark,
this adventurous nature within him that I owe my fondest childhood memories.
Made myself a promise for more opportunities to have fun together this summer.
We have dinner most weeks but there was something magic about seeing him with work far from his mind smiling at me the same way he ALWAYS has - no other word than blessed. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’•
Happy day to all the Superdads. #myinnerfire #family #yogaeverydamnday

"Natures peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares drop off like autumn leaves." #nature #yogaeverydamnday #myinnerfire #explorenb

On average most tides around the world vary about 3 feet. Here in #thebayoffundy we had 37 feet on the weekend with a little help from the full moon.
It's a mindful soul connection and though very subtle, also incredibly rebellious to not only welcome change but celebrate all of its phases, each as beautiful as the last. πŸ¦‹#explorenb #Canada #mindful #yogaeverydamnday #yoga

Anyone else having rapid fire a-ha moments as if with each breath we are downloading the new upgraded versions of ourselves? πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸŒ±#headstand #yogaeverydamnday #Yoga

Looking forward to a road trip for #WanderlustFestival Stratton next weekend in Vermont! Are you attending?🌺 if so let's play!

This will be my second time @wanderlustfest and this year as an ambassador I get to bring sweet @lauraheffernan along for the wild ride!
#roadtrip #luminousandwild #yogaeverydamnday #myinnerfire #innerfireluminary #cometogether

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