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Ana Luísa Pinto  porto. 30. taken. portista. self-portrait artist. photographer of love. foodie. writer. traveler. worships art. smiles her way out of everything

I had finished work and was all excited and worked hard to cut all the pieces and then my grandmother's sewing machine caught on fire and now I'm just pissy about it. #aboutyesterday #sewingmachine #fireeee

Lisbon, you can be pretty, when you want to. #smallerthanfour #lisbonbound #voarsemmedo

{feels like home, ii} #ourhomeinporto #smallerthanfour

{now it feels like home, I}
#aliceinportoland #ourhomeinporto #smallerthanfour

The perks of being in Porto. #petulia #bomcafé #delta

When you manage to crash a bloggers' coffee afternoon and they put kittens on your cappuccino! #SOMUCHJOY #KITTEH #apartamentocafeporto

After the epic Finding a House! saga, we have would like to introduce the Fixing Up the House saga!
We're taking it upon a team of our own to repaint, fix floors and set up shenanigans, and that delayed our move (which should have been yesterday) for about a week. It wouldn't be a huge problem if we didn't have both our computers packed up and no way to edit or work properly. But we are trying to take it as a gift and enjoy these sunny days in Porto, and using them to run errands and make everything perfect for the house. And cleaning. So much cleaning. #ourhomeinporto #smallerthanfour

And again! #casadamusica

We're in Viana to pack up the house, and little miss Alice stayed in Porto, at my grandparents', for safety. Ever since we got her, I'd never been in this house without her. It's so strange! I miss my little ball of fluff. #aliceinvianaland

{fogo no marão} fires are never, ever pleasant - but sometimes they create interesting backdrops for photos. It's a shame they're starting out this early, though. .
We are in full-fledged move-to-porto mode, so emails and messages might have a bit of delay! I can't wait to be in our new home, with out own stuff and to not have to carry bags and boxes around, and to have Alice with us full-time. But patience, grasshopper. #concursoterritorio #p3_portugal

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