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My dearest Berlin. I'm only leaving tomorrow, but I'm missing you already. #luminoustravels #berlinale #withlovefromberlin #potsdamerplatz #smallerthanfour #berlin

Dear first #berlinale:
I wasn't very enthusiastic about you. I don't like crowds and when Melanie told me we were seeing 10 movies in 6 days, my chicken-like attention span yelled at me that I was completely insane. But you know what? We did it! We managed to see each and every movie we had tickets for - with friends, family or on our own; we ran through u-bahns and s-bahns and we managed to arrive just as doors were closing in most screenings; we got to see the world premiere of a movie with the director and some of the cast in the same room, and to watch a Q&A with them (and with so many other incredible, inspiring filmmakers). I came out of it feeling invigorated, inspired by the community that I saw, which treated its artists and creators with such fierce love and admiration. I came out of it wanting to create - and that's just priceless.
Thank you, Berlinale. And thank you, my @melberlin, for bringing me along and making me see how inspiring these festivals can be. #luminoustravels

#berlinale days are made of this, part 2. #luminoustravels

Happiest of valentines from our hearts to yours! ❤💛💚💙💜 #cheesyhour #withlovefromberlin #luminoustravels

As I took this picture, a basket of deplorable nazis did a demonstration behind us. I passed them by with my blood boiling and a middle finger up in the air, and realized how privileged I am for this to have been my first contact with an organized group of nazis. The comforting part is that there were more policemen around them than protesters. Fucking idiots can't even get a proper turnout. #luminoustravels

I just don't get tired of this sight. #berlin #tvtower #fernsehturm #luminoustravels

My dear Berlin: how I've missed you. #berlinale #luminoustravels #berlin

Do you know how most people get excited when they go on vacation? For me, that excitement is preceded by a wave of paralyzing terror, if the trip includes a flight. Mel and I are going to Berlin this weekend, to finally recharge and be able to rest for a bit, after a crazy and awesome - photographing and delivering - wedding season. But before I even begin to feel excitement for the city that I adore, for the 12 movies I'm going to see at the Berlinale, for the family I'll see and the friends I'll get to hang out with — the past couple of days have been agonizing and anxious and upsetting and just plain scary, as the flight day approaches. When I grow up, I want to be able to fly without fear. *pouts*
And then I realize I'm going to leave this furry thing for ten days and gaaaaah! #mahbaby #fearofflying

'Yes, mother. I am *totally* interested in your shenanigans.' #aliceinvianaland