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Luminous Photography  Ana Luísa Pinto. self-portrait artist. fine-art wedding, lifestyle & travel photographer based in Portugal. available for work all over the globe.

I can say a lot of things about this weekend’s wedding.
I can say it was the kind of wedding that reminded me, over and over again, of why I chose this art; it humbled me and made me realize how absolutely privileged I am for being a part of these families’ history — even if just for one day. I can say that we left with smiles all over our faces, dead tired but with our bellies full of butterflies over the stunning footage we were bringing with us. I can say that even though I’m so, so lucky, even though I have the best couples and families, it’s not often that I feel as welcomed into a party and a family as I did on that day.
And I can say, above all else, that to see Maria and Pedro’s love unfold in front of our eyes, to capture their smiles and their tears, to ask them to do crazy things for photos (like climbing garden tables after midnight!) and to see how tender and loving they are to each other and theirs — it warmed my heart. I came back so, so happy.
Dear lovebirds — may you stay like this: loving and sweet, fun and adventurous. May life allow you to keep that contagious joy, and may it show in how you dedicate yourselves to everyone around you. Thank you so, so much for allowing us to be a part of your day. It was unforgettable! ❤️

Madalena (of Madalena Tavares Photography) is, out of the group we had on Wednesday, the one I've known the longest.
I know her from the time I messaged her on Flickr, in 2011, fangirling over finding another Portuguese self-portrait artist, and one who sported a username drawn from one of my favorite books; I know her from our never ending FB conversations, and my annoyance, sometimes, at how calm and sensible she is — I'm the opposite. I yell first and ask later, and that gets me into trouble more times than I'd like to admit; I know her from the silly private jokes that still pop up in my facebook memories, that I can pinpoint to chats we had at one point or another.
And still, when I got to spend the day with her and the girls, last week, it was like I was seeing a different person. The calm and the sensibility were there, but they were accompanied by an easy laugh and a tenderness that calmed me down the moment I set foot in Lisbon. It was heartwarming. I didn't need to direct her when I placed the butterflies in her hands — it was like she knew exactly what to do to give me the shot I wanted. And that's the trait I bring with me from that day: the constant attention turned to us, a heart that took us all in, that withstood the cold for the sake of art. And amidst all that, the feeling that she gifts us all with her never ending strength. [ Last week, I went to Lisbon to shoot with four amazing artists. If you'd like to read more on that experience, check this post: ]

"Now I'm here blinking in the starlight
Now I'm here suddenly I see
Standing here it's all so clear
I'm where I'm meant to be." Marta (of Marta Cabral Photography) is a force of nature. I've known that for quite a while, following her work and talking to her on facebook, but it was confirmed to me when I met her in person, last week.

She has a laugh that can stop you in your tracks, knows all the words to every Disney song and has the biggest, most loving heart. She let me braid her hair even thought she wasn't super into the idea at first (sorry!) and allowed me to play her into one of my favorite Disney characters ever. I tried to argue when she dropped me off at the train station, at night; she (and Tania, whose post should come sometime this week) could go home, I'd be fine. 'No. We stay with you until you go.' And that was such an incredible, huge comfort for me.

Marta was the one who set everything in motion for last week's Day of Fabulous Women. And I am so unbelievably thankful for her. ❤️ [ Last week, I went to Lisbon to shoot with four amazing artists. If you'd like to read more on that experience, check this post: ]

Eu tenho fotos mais clássicas do que esta. Tenho fotos mais românticas, cheias de pormenores e de luzes e de doçura; essas virão nos próximos dias e nas próximas semanas.
Mas esta foto, quando a vi, pôs-me o coração aos saltos — não porque fosse a mais tecnicamente apurada (tirar fotos num tuk-tuk não se presta a isso!), mas porque descreve o casamento da sábado na perfeição: aquela loucura boa, muito riso e diversão.
A Luísa e o Rodrigo encheram esta celebração de alegria, de uma festa onde tudo foi planeado ao pormenor, mas onde houve espaço para a improvisação, para o imprevisto do riso e das brincadeiras, para a galhofa com os amigos e para muitos, muitos momentos de dança e de gargalhadas.

Foi um prazer estar com eles no seu dia mais especial!
Queridos noivos, o que vos desejo é que se mantenham assim — unidos e sorridentes, cheios de amigos e de família que vos abracem e saltem e dancem convosco. Que continuem a correr mundo e a encontrar a casa um no outro. Parabéns! <3

aerophobia #2
Right now, there are two major sources of anxiety in my life. The first is my creative block — I can’t seem to get into a creative rhythm again, and it’s pulling me down — and the second is my fear of flying. So I thought I’d try to combine the two: a small series in which I prompt myself with the sentences I most commonly say before going somewhere by plane. “I don’t like closed spaces”
I don’t. I like wide open rooms, and I like space and freedom. One of the worst moments for me, on a plane, is when the door closes. But it’s silly. There’s air all throughout the cabin. It comes in and goes out — like in a car, but with better filters. So it’s okay. It will be okay. Can you tell that my flight is tomorrow? {originally posted on June 20}

This wedding is still getting happy sighs out of me. ❤️❤️❤️ #aluminouslife #luminousweddings

"I don't have to go"
aerophobia #1
Right now, there are two major sources of anxiety in my life. The first is my creative block — I can’t seem to get into a creative rhythm again, and it’s pulling me down — and the second is my fear of flying. So I thought I’d try to combine the two: a small series in which I prompt myself with the sentences I most commonly say before going somewhere by plane.
Here’s the first installment — “I don’t have to go, I can stay and I’ll be fine.” I wouldn’t be fine. Because in the same measure that I was given a flight phobia, I was given an unquenchable wanderlust, and a frantic need to travel. So I go. Every time, I get on that plane, even though it takes years off my life. I’ve done therapy. I drug myself. I’ve even taken a three day intensive course for people who, like me, are terrified of planes. The pills work, and the course is recent, so I’m doing what I’m told and I’m traveling more and more. But I haven’t gotten to the phase where it’s easy, yet. And given that I have a flight in about 48 hours, I’m going to go bunker down with my anxiety, now. [A special thank you to all of my friends who cheered me on on facebook, while I took this series of self-portraits. Part of my creative slump comes from missing a sense of community, and they made me feel that warmth again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.]

A Emily e o Ryan vieram do outro lado do mundo — literalmente — para casar no Douro!
Foi um processo maravilhoso, o de ajudar a fazer este casamento acontecer aqui, tão perto de nós! Chamadas de Skype para a Austrália, calcular diferenças horárias para não incomodar, tentar reunir os meus profissionais de eleição para que tudo corresse da forma mais maravilhosa — e correu! Do local maravilhoso onde se realizou (com uma equipa familiar, simpática e disponível, que tratou de nós como se fôssemos da família!), à calma e ao trabalho maravilhoso da Bárbara e da Vanessa, ao bolo delicioso da Sofia, à doçura e diversão da Carly, às flores lindíssimas da Isabel — tudo fluiu para que o casamento fosse absolutamente magnífico!
E depois, os noivos.
Dá um prazer monumental fotografar noivos tão apaixonados, tão doces e delicados um com o outro, e com as famílias que os acompanharam! Que grupo fantástico, que alegria! Foi um gosto estar com eles, e poder passar o fim da noite a dançar como se fizesse parte daquela grande e divertida família!

Em e Ryan, que Portugal vos lembre sempre este dia, esta festa maravilhosa! Desejamo-vos as maiores felicidades, e que voltem muitas vezes a visitar-nos! .
Emily and Ryan flew all the way across the world — literally — to marry in the Douro Valley.
It was a wonderful process, to try to help them with the details of a wedding so close to our hearts! Skype calls to Australia (minding the time difference and trying not to be a bother), making a list of my favorite vendors in the business, and trying to make it all go smoothly — and it did! From the fantastic venue, where Ryan had proposed to Emily —and which had the sweetest team (we were treated like family and so well taken care of!), to Bárbara and Vanessa’s calm and perfect work, to Sofia’s delicious cake, to Carly’s kindness and awesome sense of humor, to Isabel’s gorgeous flowers — everything made it a magnificent day.
And then, the lovebirds.
It’s an unbelievable rush, to photograph such loving, caring couples. They’re so in love, you guys! And their families were fantastic, full of joy and laughter and fun! It was a pleasure to be around them, to be able to dance

A época de casamentos começou ontem, e começou em grande!

O casamento da Inês e do Luís foi absolutamente fantástico! Houve risos, muita música, lágrimas felizes e uma animação como vimos poucas vezes! Foi incrível ver como eles são amados pelos amigos, como são uma referência entre eles.
Também foi a primeira vez que fotografei na igreja onde a minha tia-avó me levava à missa, em miúda, e onde eu brincava com bonecos entre os bancos — e onde já vi amigos casar, mas onde nunca tinha estado na função que mais gosto: a de capturar a magia do dia!
Foi um dia de encher o coração! Agora estou a fazer figas para que este seja o tom da época inteira, e para que os que se seguem sejam cheios desta energia maravilhosa!
Parabéns Inês e Luís! Que a vida vos conserve os sorrisos e a alegria de se terem um ao outro, e que essa constelação de amigos e de familiares vos siga sempre! ❤️ .
Our wedding season started yesterday, and started with a bang!

Inês and Luís' day was absolutely incredible! There was laughter, loads of music, many happy tears, and a kind of joy we don't see very often! It was wonderful to see how loved they are by their friends, and how they are such a positive reference amongst them!
It was also the first time I photographed in the church where my great-aunt used to bring me as a kid, where I'd play with dolls between the pews and in which I've seen friends get married — but where I'd never been in the role I love the most: the one who captures the magic of the day!

We left the wedding with full hearts! And now I'm crossing my fingers for this to set the tone for the entire season, and for the weddings that follow to have this incredible energy!

Congratulations, Inês and Luís! May life keep your smiles and the joy you find in one another, and may that constellation of friends and family follow you along the way! ❤️

Há dias em que só bate a saudade! E hoje, as saudades são disto: de fazer magia acontecer com chuva, um guarda-chuva transparente e um casal apaixonado! ❤️ #malpossoesperarpelaépocadesteano **** There are days when nostalgia hits hard! And today, the feeling I miss the most is this: to make magic happen with rain, a see-through umbrella and a couple in love! ❤️ #cantwaitforthisyearsweddings

O casamento da M e do N já está no blogue! *** M+N's wedding is now on the blog! {link in profile}

[there is nothing for me but to love you
and the way you look tonight] * dorothy fields

Estou a preparar o post deste casamento e aos saltinhos de excitação! Estou mortinha por partilhar este dia maravilhoso convosco!

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