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lululemon  Yoga is on the mat. It's off the mat. It's everywhere. How does it show up in your life? #thisisyoga Snapchat + Spotify + Apple Music: lululemon


Change is in the air. Step into a new season in intentionally designed outerwear. Fall 2017 Jackets and Outerwear are here—link in bio.

Same routine, different weather. We designed the Run On Tight without an inseam to prevent inner-thigh chafing and with plenty of pockets so you're free to run on and on. Link in bio.

A little layering goes a long way.
Featured: The Extra Mile Vest and Rest Less Pullover—link in bio.

“There’s no gym for mental strength, there’s only life. You build it in life.” - @healeywaterops, Elite Ambassador and Professional Big-Wave Surfer. See more @lululemonmen #strengthtobe

Life hack: go for a run.
Before your notifications start to pop up and before you open your to-do list—run. Create space to be alone with your thoughts, to prioritize yourself, to clear your mind and to breathe. #morethanmiles

Run until the noise and thoughts from the day slip away, and all that's left is you, your breath, and the moment. #morethanmiles
Go the distance in new technical outerwear—link in bio.

File under things to think about: how are you making time for your goals? Reflection is important—it creates space to recognize and pursue what you really want.
Featured: Fresh in Mesh Bra—link in bio.

How to deal 👆

Adventure season doesn't have an expiry date. [photo: @lululemonakl]

You’ve been waiting for this…the Align Pant in new fall colours—link in bio.

Get comfortable, notice your breath—is it shallow? Can you invite deep body breathing? Inhale deeply through the nose, exhale deeply through the mouth. Now you’re ready, watch the box and sync your breath.
1️⃣Inhale through the nose—4,3,2,1.
2️⃣Hold your breath—4,3,2,1.
3️⃣Exhale through the mouth—4,3,2,1.
4️⃣Hold the belly empty—4,3,2,1.
5️⃣Repeat as needed.
Save this Box Breathing Exercise for an instant calm—anytime, anywhere.

Focus in, reflect and get back at it.
The Fresh in Mesh Collection is here—link in bio.

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