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  very wholesome

which member of staff at csm thought it would be a good idea to bring in a white british man to talk about 80s hip hop ? who said he had an involvement in the scene yet only visited new york once during that time and based all of the talk on that one experience ? when asked about his involvement in the scene, he talked about how there was no good music in london at the time ... then brought up the smiths ... and said he started his own band ? he admits he knows nothing about hip hop after 1989 ? when asked about women involved in the scene he struggled , then replied with 'salt n pepa' ? 80s hip hop is not a niche subject , why was someone so inappropriate chosen to lecture on it ?

a well-earned snack

take ur pick !

a cold luncheon

436 tropics 🌴


is there intellectual-grade deodorant bc hearing 'but what is art?' multiple times a day gets me quite sweaty

i love my coat and i love my shoes .


these boots are made for walking

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