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The joy I felt when I found out he was coming was beyond amazing. The pain I felt when I realized that dream wouldn't become a reality was an almost unbearable grief. Passing years ease the pain, but will never diminish the memories and the love. September's come and go, and each year I wonder what he would have looked like, who he would have been, and what would have been in his future. He'd be 10 this month, maybe this week, maybe even today. My heart has been on him so much lately. I will always wonder, I will always love. #AMothersLove #InfantLoss #MyKid #AlwaysInMyHeart

Mr Knife, we've got to stop meeting this way. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰ #FoodPrepSunday #TwoWeeksInARow #WhenYourBoySellsCutco #StillTheBestKnives #BeCareful

Today marks the first day of the next decade without this amazing man on this earth. This picture is one of my favorite memories of my dad, goofing off like he often did, making others around him smile. I was 16, we were on a school trip, and he was the school board representative who came with us. When he found this hat in a gift shop somewhere in the midwest, he just had to have it. I still have the hat, it will always be a reminder of good times with him. He was always such a goof off, cracking jokes and telling stories that got better each time he told them. He was firm, he told you what he thought, (hmmm, wonder where I got that from) and yet he was a big softy too. It was 10 years ago tonight, right about now, as a matter of fact, that family and a few close friends were gathered in Mom & Dad's living room to say goodbye to him. He had come home on hospice care just 5 short hours before. We knew he held on just long enough to be in his own bed one last time, surrounded by family, including my sister who had gone before him the previous year. I know she was there to take him home. What a reunion that must have been. I miss him crazy sometimes, it's hard to believe he's been gone 10 years. Love you Dad!

My niece once told me I should try an animal print. So here you go! Kinda liking this #LuLaRoeCassie and #LuLaRoeIrma combo today. #KeepingItSimple #LivingMyWhy #LoveWhatIDo #LuLaRoe

This #LuLaRoeCassie has been hanging in my closet waiting to find the perfect top to go with it, then #LuLaRoe released the amazing #LuLaRoeGigi ! #PatternMixing at it's best! Can't go wrong with stripes and floral :) #MyNewFavoriteCombo #LivingMyWhy

Being all domestic today... It's been years since I made bread, we'll see how it turned out! :) Anyone who knows me well will be able to tell what drives me bonkers with this photo though! Lol!

Driving through Oregon and my BFF goes "squirrel" and we find ourselves in these beautiful mountains by a cute little stream. What a perfect day! #MyLuLaTravels #LivingMyWhy #LuLaRoeCarly #LuLaRoeJoy

What I feel when I walk in the door after 2 weeks on the road. #MyLuLaTravels #LivingMyWhy #GreatAdventure #HomeSweetHome #MyHappyPlace #Peace

Because when you're in Seattle you walk over to the Space Needle! @mariahbrown2 @audreykriss #LivingMyWhy #TheseGirls #DreamsAchieved

Well, this is it, I've come to the end of my #LuLaTour Come join me for my final #PopUpBoutique in Lehi UT on Wednesday! #MyLuLaTravels #LivingMyWhy

Headed down to Boise ID Tuesday on my #LuLaTour ! Join me for a #PopUpBoutique from 6-8 pm. #MyLuLaTravels #LivingMyWhy

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