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Luke Rose  Luke rose ❤ brogan west💜

He loves a chat @sassssy_b

being chauffeured around today! Means I can sleep 😂 @sassssy_b

#wcw #wcw😍 #womancrushwedensday ⚠ alert ⚠
To this absolute worldie! Atleast you see the funny side when I hurt myself, thank you for being there of every minute of every hour!! Love you to infinity and beyond!....
@sassssy_b 💓❤️

Corrrr, crikey mate, I thing I got a stunna,
Every one... Just please, take a moment and embrace mother nature's most beautiful lady that has ever walked in my life
.... I love you my queenie!!!
@sassssy_b 🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️ #fiance #beauty #crikey

The animals had a photo shoot 😂 @sassssy_b

It's that of week again aimed for my beautiful girl!! @sassssy_b

#wcw #womancrushwedensday #mygirl

Ohhhh hayyyy, its #womancrushwedensday /#wcw and I'm not gonna miss this one,

@sassssy_b my love for you gets stronger and stronger as everyday goes by, you looked absolutely amazing Saturday night and I wish we could turn back time and do it all over again, especially with our down to earth dancing, my queen xxxxxxxx

Bit late... #mcm as she is more manly than me 😘 @sassssy_b

Riggghtt, here we go, so... DEAR MISS BROGAN ALLIE WEST
So I know your in Johannesburg rn.. Sunning it up with a bottle of ciroc

BUT! Because I'm a very bad fiancé and that I missed woman crush Wednesday, HERE IS MY VERY STUNNING WOMAN CRUSH EVERYDAY!! and appreciation post for you,..... thank you for being thee most wonderful woman in my life, thank you everything you are doing day in day out, thank you putting up with me even on our shitty days, but mostly thank you for being you, words cannot describe how much I love you, from the start of day one taking a trip to our beach, still to the moment I put that ring on you finger and for now today, tomorrow... Forever. Here's just only a few of the pictures I have and that would allow me to share. So people, as you scroll past this post be sure to check out my beautiful fiancé,

Luv ya petal ❤️❤️ xxxxxxxxx @sassssy_b

Soo happy for my girl, you dersevre the world ! At least your enjoying your job now and spending money already, miss and love you to the the of the world ❤❤ @sassssy_b

Wcw 🤙❤❤ , my beautiful girly looking after the little one, even if he is crying 😂, I love you lots @sassssy_b xxxxxxxxxx

Miss my girl too much, can't wait till Wednesday ! I'm soo proud how well you have done so far, love you with all my heart @sassssy_b

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