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L U K E B E N N E T T  Photographer and Film maker - Jozi boy in NYC Business inquiries:

Here’s another from the shoot with Pearl. One of my favourites. This light was giving us so much! Cool lesson from this is that as a photographer you’ve always gotta be aware of your surroundings and observe the light. I didn’t see the actual light source at first, but I somehow spotted the light it was shedding onto the floor and told Pearl to stand underneath it to see what we could get, and BOOM! It gave us life.

I feel like it’s been forever since I shared any of my work.
I’ve just been trying to get back to a place of creating for me and not for the gram you know?
We get so caught up in that. ———————————————————-Here’s some new new with sis @pearlthusi. Shot outside of Applebee’s, using the light from their signage to give us some colour lol.

Guess what he was about to do? Lol
#newyork #streetphotography #portrait

Smoke and Lights.
In New York City you can literally take a dope photo of traffic lol. I love this place.

Strike while the iron is hot.

I kinda enjoy the grey, sad weather cause I can wear my trench coat.
What do you prefer?

Knickerbocker Ave

"Took us an eternity to reach our destination, my heart beat is racin like a cardiac patient We finally got to Myrtle outside the train station. I saw not a soul, told my peoples to be patient"

Mr Funky Beard - Union Square

Can I come through?

Beard Gang

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