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Luke Cy  Mover. Shaker. Spiralmaker. From London, UK. By way of everywhere 💛 Actor, certified PT and mindfulness coach Wanna move? PM me for enquiries :->


Who said alcohol and meditation doesn't mix!?! 😂😂😂
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Instinct above intellect -
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All the best for 2018 ♡
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I've always had an uneasy relationship with my heritage - it is something I continue to work through but I feel I've made great strides - returning to Cumbria - the land of my mother - feeling the earth beneath me and breathing in the landscape after so many moons away has been another life-affirming experience that I will cherish.
No matter where we arrive in this world to return to where we once came from is a blessing and to be connected to it all is a testament to those who came before us - just as the lakes run through this sacred place sustaining life wherever it flows their energy lives in us all ❤💙💚💛
Thank you @my_life_less_ordinary for giving me the means to return to this land - you are a lion brother like no other! X
Love to all those I met along the way you know who you are! :-> xxxxx
Photographer - @_luisa_
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So having toyed with the idea for years I finally found myself on a ten day silent meditation retreat alongside my friend and kindred brother @my_life_less_ordinary - living as close as one can to the life of a monk (minus the robes and thankfully the head shave :->)
No technology or contact with the outside world - no speaking or eye contact with fellow students or anyone except for your teachers if absolutely necessary.
Nothing but devotion to the endeavour of noble silence and meditation from the bell chime at 4am until lights out at 9:30pm everyday.
To some of you this may sound extreme and I seriously questioned my ability and choice but I had heard so many wonderful things about the experiences people have had due to the nature of the practice and the release from the material posessions that one must sacrifice in order to work seriously in the technique.
I have taken but a small step and falling is part of the course but if you want to truly learn about something there is no substitute for direct experience - the intellect can only take you so far and the egoic mind will create barriers in order to safeguard its status and prevent you from following your truth.
I now find myself trying to integrate and practice the insights I gained in a city that I call home - a city that rages with fervour and distraction...
It is an imperfect truce as the mind craves attention and the practicalities of modern life must be met - but I know that the heart is always stronger then we think it to be and the truth no matter how painful - is always beautiful ❤💙💚💛
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