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Luke R 

¡Vamonos a España!

Here’s to 300k more!


Also me:

ANNNDDDD FIRST OUTDOOR V4! Not much to look at, but it was fairly tricky. Also sent the same problem that was my first outdoor V3 on the first try this time!

All the glory when he took our place
But he took my shoulders and he shook my face
And he takes and he takes and he takes

Finally bagged a (gym) V6! Definitely need to broaden my grade pyramid (aka climb a ton of V4,V5). Also need to do more outside- still need to climb some harder routes. Concentrating on trad so much outdoors has made pushing the grade tough. I guess that’s the price of being well-rounded?
(The problem I did was the green holds. It was probably soft for the grade but had some tricky moves)

Tuesday Funday 😬

Also I have the sinking feeling my Birfield Joint Seals are leaking, cause I’ve got a nice mix of Moly and bearing grease in my wheel bearings.

My plan today was just to stop the squealing, aka retighten the bearing, and that’s probably all I’ll do, but looks like I gotta dig in real deep soon :/


I hadn’t been able to do much with the landcruiser or climb or much of anything else lately, but thanks to Joey at @wits.end I finally was able to install the Scanguage in a better spot. I had it near my shifter and the Velcro would routinely peel. Today I installed the cubby eliminator block (which fit perfectly!) and drilling a hole in the back of the gauge housing, I used a bolt and a few washers, nuts, and Loctite, and I think I have a pretty clean install!

Just a short recap of last weekend in Outer Banks. Had so much fun with this girl and driving on the beach and riding on Ferries and eating too much. For 291,000 miles, the Landcruiser is doing pretty good!

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