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Y'all this girl is the best

You feel it all around yourself
You know it's yours and no one else

The best sports/hobbies are the one that require mentors. Search starts now, as I know nothing. #flyfishing #llbean @llbean

Yes, please.

Bear Defender

From Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard's "Let My People Go Surfing." I've had this quote in my mind a lot the past few weeks since finishing this book. I think I've done the minimalist thing and the opposite before, and I think minimalism offers the most room for personal growth, but it's the hardest too, especially in an age of #vanlife and conspicuous consumerism, even (especially) in the the outdoor industry. An area I definitely agree with Chouinard and another writer/philosopher Matthew B. Crawford (writer of 'Shop Class as Soulcraft') is "buy well and buy once." There is virtue in purchasing and maintaining a good price of equipment, and the equipment should be a means to an end, rather than the end in and of itself. My climbing cams belong in a nice placement on a rock wall, not in a shiny display case. My Landcruiser belongs at a crag campsite, not in a garage. Regardless, it's hard sometimes to keep the focus on the pursuit, rather than the gear "needed" along the way. #patagonia #shopclassassoulcraft #philosophy #optoutside #liveclimbrepeat #yvonchouinard #quotes #letmypeoplegosurfing

Love won't play any games with you
Anymore if you don't want 'em to

I FINALLY DID IT. Yesterday I sent 'The Seal,' 5.10a TRAD. I'd climbed it twice before on toprope, which I claimed would be just as challenging as leading. The route arches to the right, and most of the gear on the ascending portion of the arch is at a good stance, and the scariest part is the traverse to the right at the top, where leading involves the same risk as toproping- a fall would be a pendulum and probably of decent length. Both times I TR'ed it before were completely clean, but harrowing. This lead was the exact same. It felt great to finally clip the chains at the top. This is also the hardest trad lead I have done too, and first at 5.10. To top it off, I also cleanly toproped 'Killer Whales,' a 5.11a that shares the same anchors. I feel like I could lead this route, but the protection at the base is questionable, and the liebacking technique required is not something I'm super confident on yet. This route is possibly the first 5.11 I've "successfully" climbed, or at least the first since I've been back heavy climbing. I definitely needed the confidence booster. It's been tough trying to find harder climbs in the area that aren't either terrible or super sketchy. Looking forward to pushing the grade a little harder and racking up more challenging trad leads. #liveclimbrepeat #tradisrad #lasportiva #blackdiamond #bluewaterropes #mammut #petzl #getoutside #optoutside #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbing #northcarolina #goatworthy #gradechaser

After probably a year or so, I *FINALLY* got my rear 12v adapters wired up! I still need to mount the fuse panel, but I have 12v from the battery to the panel, all with no drilling into metal or plastic. Still need to figure out how to run it through a relay and work with the ignition switch. #ih8mud #wiring #landcruiser #landcruiser80 #fzj80 #fj80 #diy #cleaninstall #babysteps

It's the devil's way now
There is no way out
You can scream and you can shout
It is too late now
#2017 #Comey #45

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