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Luke Motoyama  /~^+^~\Glover/Volleyballer\ 808🚀510 HNU 🏐#3

“Roses are red, violets are blue, if you’re single or not on Valentine’s Day, this lightshow’s just for you” ❤️😉😂#myboos #alentinesay2018

It always seems that no matter how we try to plan things for the best, time slips away and the things we’re used to having in our lives move on without us and without any notice. It’s sad,but true and I wish I had more time to talk and reminisce about the good times and lessons you’ve taught and shown me growing up until now. You’re no longer in any struggle or pain but I can always remember that the simplest and memorable times I spent with you were ones that showed me how to be strong and happy in the things I chose to pursue whether it was school or sports, you always supported me through and always with a smile and a laugh. Lastly I believe that one thing I’ve learned from your life is to always live humbly and honorably no matter how hard things may seem and how others think about you. Thank you for being apart of my life grandpa and I’m so glad I got to be a small part of yours, I’ll miss you plenty and I promise you’ll never be forgotten.
Lukie Boy

Wish I was out on the court balling out this year but good luck to all my homies this year and I hope you guys have a great season 👍🏽 #missinthegrind #zombienation

Winter W O N D E R🤔Land 🙃 #wubwubstep #bringdownalisonwonderland

A little late on our Christmas card this year 😂 and missing @kmots in this picture 😅 Before the new year, I just wanted to wish everyone a belated merry Christmas from the Motoyama’s, and may all your dreams and wishes come true in this new year! 🎅🎆 #luckytobehomeagain #finallygraduated #happyholidays

“Heavy as a 💔” #emazinglights #edm #lookas #justagent

“We Don’t Want No Wars” 🔫⚔️🛡#YMFC #alohanation #flarmy

With the semester coming to an end soon, I’ll be doing some walking on my own hopefully 😬🚶🏽👨🏽‍🎓 #testingthenewgopro #futuristiclights #thanksmomanddad #earlychristmaspresent haha Song: Walk Away- Paula Deanda

“I’ll find a way to say I’m sorry, but my time is running out”⌛️🔥💦 Song: Hot Water- Audien & 3LAU #alohanation #ionsaredope #FLArmy

✌🏽out from your newest escaped prisoners from Alcatraz 😁😛 #mamabear🐻 #thegreatescape #fromalcatraz #onaboatmf

When alternative meets edm 👌🏽 🎸🔊⚡️@marshmellomusic Song: You and Me #emazinglights #emazingfan #glovingisnotacrime #alohanation

Just cause RL ended too early last night 🤘🏽☹️🔥😢#graveswastheretoo #emazinglights #alohanation

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