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Luke Love  XIII.XV.XXIX. my love battery wants to charge you.

cruisin' into tuesday like...

so what.

terminator had problems with continuity.

what romantic criminal?

had a fuckin' blast with @theshrine and @bigbaldhead in the desert yesterday. this ones for you @boznutz !!! Stay up!!!

L.A. (turn sound on)

this seems normal by comparison.

O poor heart!
He was doomed from the start. Doomed to play, the villain's part.
He's the baddest Johnny in the apple cart. His blood was blacker than a dead nun's heart.
HAR HAR HAR!!! How lucky we are!! We hit the cathouse and sampled their wars! We got as drunk as a couple of czars, and one night he spat out my lucky stars.
i love you.

Sun was out,
the fish were swimming choke polluted water.
all the fishes dying
from those toxic PCB's
dumping in our stream
but we didn't give a fuck
ya know we had some
cheap American brews
ya know some nice hot dogs,
figured ya know... get out the
little transistor radio,
sit back relax have a nice
little summer barbecue. ...It's a beautiful, what a beautiful, it's a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL DAY...

loving brendan is a no-brainer. happy fuckday assmouth.

"The poetry police are coming!!!" they shouted, "the poetry police are coming to save you all from death!!" Captain poetry was coming to save the world from itself, to make the world safe for beauty and love, the poetry police had arrived to clean up the mass mess, the poetry police were about to descend in parachutes made from the pages of obscene dictionaries, the poetry police were about to land simultaneously in the central squares of forty-two major cities, having chartered all the planes in the world furnished with free seats for an endless passage, the poetry police were about to land simultaneously on the tops of the tallest buildings and bridges and monuments and fortifications of the world and take complete command of the rapidly deteriorating world situation, the poetry police were about to consolidate their positions simultaneously in all parts of the world by climbing onto the backs and hanging onto the necks of everyone and shouting true profound wiggy formulas for eternal mad salvation.

resurrected. livin' in a lighthouse.

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