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Luke Love  XIII.XV.XXIX. my love battery wants to charge you.

in far-out poetry the heart bleeds upon the page shamelessly as printer's ink bleeds onto the fine tooth of paper, as blood in its rage beats through the body, blind in its courses, leaving its indelible imprints, those fine tattoos of living ...known as poems. -Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Santa Barbara gets it.

having lunch with ghosts doused in dream residue. i miss most of the time.

budget rock showcase is back tomorrow night @hollywoodburg @seantildawn and I are playin' records all night. 10-2. @hayley_pond on the suds. come hang out in the dark.

i got no common sense and she's got rhythm and someone who believes . what the love. fuckin' forever daymaker.

hey there fuckface!!! hey there fuckfaceuh!!!

anyone who gets me this close to the zombies gets free head from me for life. anytime, anywhere. Feel free to reference this claim anytime @shanmations @jordan_jonezy

Ever wish the human race didn't exist
And then realize you're one too?
Well, have you ... ever? ...I have.
So what.

@seantildawn and i are playin' records @hollywoodburg tonite. 10-2. @hayley_pond is slingin' suds. come.

francis fakes pleasant, crawling out of her cube.

best xxx ever.

thanks for bringing this wonderful woman to my attention. @pale_gray

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