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Luke Hazzard  Missy 💙 Personal Trainer 💪🤓 Summer is life☀️ Working on the best version of me 👊 🍲 💬

I havnt really stuck to anything training or diet for the past 8 months.

I’ve been plagued by injuries that have got me down and put out the fire I once had. I have by no means got the fire back and doubt I ever will but a couple of weeks of consistent training and better eating has certainly put me in a better head space.

Time to start back on a training program I just put together for myself and start getting a bit more serious with nutrition again. (100g daily of protein for someone nearly 100kg just isn’t going to cut it 🤦🏼‍♂️) #timetogrow #operationthailand #12weeksout #notsrs #sortasrs #justdoyou ✌️

On the weekend we celebrated our big cousin Jakes 1st birthday party 🎈🎉. Still getting the hang off multiple babies to take a photo, at least Hayley’s got it sorted 😅.
#babylachlan #family #party #jakeyturns1

Surprise dinner to celebrate baby Lachlan. Thanks so much to everyone that could make it and @missybollinger for organising everything, I had no idea. I’m so lucky to have you ☺️💙💙.
#babylachie #family #squad #cake #love


The ever elusive state between smashing your workouts and eating healthy with enough consistency to reach your health and fitness goals, whilst still not overthinking, over planning or missing out on life along the way.

Disclaimer - if you are not in shape this post is not for you and not just another excuse to add to your list of why your not making it. If your not there keep working, throw out your excuses and there is no such thing as being too consistent, too planned or missing out 👊. For most this ‘balanced’ state is so hard to reach. Ex competitors get fat as they are unable to make good choices without the constraints of a prep plan. Some stay potentially too strict at the cost of mental health and well being. Others freak out at the thought of missing a day or heaven forbid 2 days of training in a row.

I know from personal experience I’ve had massive issues with an eating disorder post competing in 2015. It took me 2 years to safely say I’m 95% past that.

I missed less than 10 days of training (I.e I trained 355 days a year) in 2015 and 2016. And training hard, putting my body through hell, not just turning up to tick the box. Revolving my whole day around that hour and a bit to achieve the best possible outcome.

I loved it or so I thought, But balance was non - existent and it took a toll on all aspects of my life. Fast forward 2 Years to present and now after injuries, work and family commitments I no longer have the love for killing myself in the gym and measuring every peice of Boring food that enters my mouth.

I just simply do not have the drive or the discipline that I once did. But the message to this post is.... THAT IS OK!! I know I could be better, it’s just not as important to me anymore and I have other priorities.

My blood results and health are spot on.
My mental health is as good as it’s been.
I havnt followed a diet this year and havnt tracked calories in nearly two.
I’ve trained between 2 and 6 days a week this year. Sometimes twice a day, sometimes 4 days in a row off.

💙Lachlan Eli Hazzard 💙

And that’s a wrap,
The anytime fitness treadmill challenge for suicide prevention. Thanks to everyone that helped donate.

Between us we walked and jogged 7 hours and managed to raise $420 for the cause. Thanks to Missy and Jason for sharing the walk load.

And thanks to those who donated
Jason Hills
Daniel Blandford
Linda Hazzard
Alison Hughes
Jenifer Myers
Bec Murphy

It was a great day and Anytime fitness Orange managed to reach their target of raising $3000. 😊💪🙌 #treadtogether #anytimefitness #suicideprevention #treadmill #challenge #7hours #$420raised

So much love for these pair 😍... Get better soon 💙

Today’s thought🤔#persepctive #gratitude #wordporn

Build a life your proud of 👊.
Motivated by the fear of being average!
#alwaysmovingforward #noexcuses #accountability #outwork #motivation #juststart

In a world full of toxic negative people,
Always be the one to bring someone up and help them realise their full potential. Energies are contagious, talk is cheap, be the doer, start now 👊🤓. #goals #myteam #selfimprovement #circle #friends #strangers #domore #dobetter #bebetter #makeyourselfproud #quotes #wereallgoingtomakeit

Sometimes your circle decreases in size,
But increases in value.

#myteam #circle #loyal #squad #friends #grow #learn #goals #idfwu #principal #illdome #youdoyou #quotes✌️

Confidence isn’t walking into a room and thinking that you are better than anyone else.
Its walking in and knowing you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.
Confidence is silent...
Insecurities are loud!
#confident #mevsme #mytime

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