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Luke Richardson  20, Powerlifter 👯‍♂️Izzy Fitzz👸🏼✨❤️ Team GB 🇬🇧KING OF THE YNE👑 •British 120+ Champion 2016/17 •European 120+ Champion 2017 •World #2 120+ 2017

A year ago to this day I won my first major title in this sport and became European Champion. Probably one of the proudest moments of my life so far and a nice reminder that you can achieve anything if you want it bad enough. I'm looking forward to standing on this spot on the podium again in 89 days at the World Championships. My time.

Some bench from Monday night after squats🔥5 triples at 182.5kg feeling very nice! Really enjoying bench at the moment, very rewarding seeing all the persistent hard work beginning to pay off on this lift💪🏻Working hard on my weaknesses and even harder on my strengths! @sbdapparel @platformready @jim_rts @lrstrengthshed #TeamRTS

5 triples tonight at 335kg on deadlifts. Currently training to a 982.5kg total so well on track to achieve the goals I set myself at the start of this year😈 @sbdapparel @platformready @jim_rts @lrstrengthshed #TeamRTS

5 triples tonight at 335kg, video shows my 4th set. First week back to some reasonable volume after some higher intensity work. Could've gone better but always room for improvement. Time to start building again!🔥💪🏻 @sbdapparel @platformready @jim_rts @lrstrengthshed #TeamRTS

195kg x 2 bench PB from Monday night after squats! Looks like Lukey is getting the hang of this bench stuff too.. Just in time😉😂 @LRStrengthShed @platformready @jim_rts #TeamRTS

350kg x 2 deadlift PB. I'm fucking coming for it!😤 @LRStrengthShed @platformready @jim_rts #TeamRTS

350kg x 2.. Check mate😉 @LRStrengthShed @platformready @jim_rts #TeamRTS

Last session of the week today, really enjoyed it feeling very very good💪🏻Top sets today were a 320kg-350kg chain squat and a 330kg-360kg chain deadlift for doubles.. Also hit a PB SSB of 265kg x 5 easy😤Taking everyday as another opportunity to get better, 15 weeks to step it up another level. I will be ready😈 @platformready @jim_rts #TeamRTS

This week just keeps getting better! Bench felt awesome tonight. Third day pressing this week and I hit a new touch and go triple PB with 187.5kg @ 9. Keep forging forward!💪🏻🔥(song credit/dedicated to @markmacqueen2 lol). @platformready @jim_rts #TeamRTS

My client @carljon.es hitting a new all time PB squat of 315kg.. Carl's next competition is the BPU British at Bodypower in May and we are already on track for some massive PB's and the exclusive 900kg raw total club! This guy is definitely one to watch, give him a follow!

335kg deadlift triple PB. It just keeps getting easier!😈 @platformready @jim_rts #TeamRTS

340kg triple motherfuckers! Feels good to take the current European squat record for a fairly comfy triple with a rep in the tank. Best believe 1000kg is on its way💪🏻🇬🇧 @platformready @jim_rts #TeamRTS

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