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Luke Richardson  19, Powerlifter 👯‍♂️ Team GB 🇬🇧 •British 120+ Champion 2016 •European 120+ Champion 2017 •322.5/180/332.5/835 #TeamRTS

#roadtoworlds Another great session tonight! Had deadlifts and bench on the menu😋Had two build up sets on deadlifts on 285kg and 292.5kg then video shows my 1st and 4th set on 302.5kg. All felt really easy, confidence is growing💪🏻Had ascending 5's on bench up to a top set of 160kg, also really easy👀Finished off with some lat pull downs for good measure just to show @markmacqueen2 that I am in fact ready for the IFBB World Championship in 4 weeks time💦🔥 @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

Pretty cool surprise being featured in Issue 8 of @britishstrengthmagazine with my boy @markmacqueen2!😎Not often you get to be in a magazine with the likes of @brandonlilly3 and @tommartinpl😁So a big thank you to them, go give it a read guys👊🏻💪🏻

#roadtoworlds Begin of my last taper week before my final two weeks of big training before the World Championships🇬🇧Only training Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week. Video shows my 6th and final working set of squats and bench, had two build up sets of 280kg and 287.5kg on squats then 4 sets on 297.5kg. On bench I had 157.5kg and 162.5kg then 3 sets 167.5kg💪🏻Getting very excited now can't wait, I'm doing everything I can to make sure my dream is fulfilled in 4 weeks time! @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

Disney dress up last night had such a great time with this pretty little thing! Hercules and Meg, God and Goddess👸🏼😍Even got to show @izzy_fitzz up on the dance floor, fat lad can move💃🏼 #hidethecalvesshowthearms #impunching #iamthegod #lookatthecrocs

#roadtoworlds Last session of this week done really enjoyed it! Trip over to Phoenix Powerlifting to get a session in with Uncle Josh (@josh_pwlftr)😍Had ascending RPE triples on both pause squats and beltless deadlifts finishing with 270kg and 275kg for my top sets shown in the video!🔥😎Finished off with some snatch grip deadlifts. Awesome session cannot wait for next week💪🏻 @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

Love this..❤️

#roadtoworlds Quick check in tonight just pushing some wheels. Had a top single and double at 177.5kg then some backdown sets💪🏻Then ascending RPE slingshot bench triples up to 180kg😁Did some tempo work after too. Elbow and shoulder pain is present but minor so training can continue just some reps aren't at the standard I would like, however the show must go on! @athleticedgebodyworks will have me sorted though😎One session left and this week is a wrap! Let's make it a good one👍🏻 @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

#roadtoworlds Another absolutely awesome session, get to start seeing all the hard work in the volume blocks pay off!😁Feeling unstoppable! Had a top single on deadlifts at 317.5kg then did a double with the same weight (both shown in video) then 2 back down sets. Very very happy. Some one board press too with my top triple of 167.5kg in the video! Carry this momentum through the rest of the week, feeling awesome💪🏻🇬🇧 @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

#roadtoworlds Well tonight was the strongest session of my life (so far😉😏)!Had an RPE 8 single on squats and bench which ended up being 312.5kg and 175kg which also definitely weren't RPE 8. I then had an RPE 9 double which meant taking the same weight as the singles so the video shows a 312.5kg and 175kg double smoke show😎Hit two more sets of back off doubles on squats and bench after these which were also really easy. Couldn't be happier with today, momentum is fucking building. 5 weeks out🇬🇧💪🏻 @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

#roadtoworlds Well today was fun, another great session with the lads at @phoenixpowerlifting😎Lucky to make it through this workout alive I think haha😬@josh_pwlftr nearly died on his squat warm ups and I was programmed banded squats but the bands decided to snap so just did normal squats. Ascending doubles up to a 312.5kg then back off double on 300kg. Video also shows top double on beltless block pulls with 300kg😁💪🏻Not bad for the third squat session this week but needs to be better! Good end to a great week!👍🏻🔥 @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

#roadtoworlds Bench gainz being made😈Video shows a dirty touch and go 170kg single then final triple at 167.5kg. Followed this with ascending RPE doubles on 2 board up to 195kg. Then did some 47kg Japanese women bench 5's on 155kg😂Great sesh, week nearly done! Now to get some tissue work done by @athleticedgebodyworks!😁💪🏻 @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

#roadtoworlds Video from last nights session! Felt very fatigued going into this from Monday but got it done! Deadlifts called for a 307.5kg single then 3 sets of 3 on 302.5kg, all felt very comfortable👍🏻😁Also had 2ct bench doubles with 165kg, these were hard due to pec minors and elbows giving me some bother but got the work in💪🏻Should be sorted after @athleticedgebodyworks does some work tomorrow. 6 weeks to go!🇬🇧 @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

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