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Luke Richardson  19, Powerlifter 👯‍♂️ Team GB 🇬🇧 •British 120+ Champion 2016 •European 120+ Champion 2017 •World #2 120+ 2017 •337.5/190/337.5/865 #TeamRTS

The one that got away. 350kg/771lb deadlift attempt for the win at the time, 9/9 performance and an 877.5kg total. This lift meant everything to me. Grip felt solid it just came out of my hand, this really pissed me off. I am now more motivated than ever to achieve my dream, some good does come from the fails after all.. @sbdapparel @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

Down at the venue for my final session today before worlds! Got to witness @jezzauepa front squatting 400kg.. Insanity😵

Mark helping increase my testosterone levels🍑😂 @markmacqueen2 #peachgang #gotbunshun #luckyboy

#roadtoworlds Video from my session last night. Did come 2ct pause squat singles and 2ct pause bench doubles. Nice to have a session which wasn't so intense for once! Currently one week out from Worlds and I am feeling amazing!🇬🇧😎 @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

#roadtoworlds As I am aware this was my last proper session before worlds and boy was it a tough one, I think @jim_rts hates me😂Took about 5 hours ish but got it done. Video shows my final of 6 sets of squats with chains. 305kg at the bottom 320kg at the top. Had 6 sets of beltless block pulls and stiff leg snatch grips after this😵Deload is definetly needed but I'm hungry for that World Title! 11 days!🇬🇧💪🏻 @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

#roadtoworlds Worked 5's up to a top set of 167.5kg today before my other work! 15kg PB from before I started working with @jim_rts!😎Fair to say I'm a happy!😁 @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

#roadtoworlds Nice easy 325kg single before volume work today. Wearing my new @sbdapparel kit, thank you for your continuous support of both myself and the GB squad, it is very very appreciated!🇬🇧MOMENTUM BUILDING👊🏻💪🏻 @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

#roadtoworlds Final week of proper training before the world championships!🇬🇧317.5kg and 180kg singles before volume work. Nice to be cruising these weights given my physical state, wonder what I'll do with a deload🤔😏Cannot fucking wait!! @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

#roadtoworlds Tough and long session today, joined by uncle Josh @josh_pwlftr🤗Video shows 7th working set of doubles on 2ct pause squats and beltless deadlifts with 272.5kg and 275kg respectively. Lower back was dying by the end of it but got the work done! Time to eat, sleep, and recover for the final push next week! Can't wait to get on that platform in Belarus, it's nearly time🏆🇬🇧 @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

#roadtoworlds Big bench day today, video shows top triple on touch and go bench with 172.5kg which is a PB! Great news considering it's the third bench day this week! Spontaneous pause on the last one because I have no respect😂Some good momentum being carried forward! @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

#roadtoworlds worked up to a 335kg single @RPE 9 for a new 2.5kg PB before volume work. Both the single and volume sets were PB's. That concludes the RPE 9 850kg total over the past few days🇬🇧Feeling mega! @sbdapparel @gbpowerfed @jim_rts #TeamRTS #IPFWorlds2017

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