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Luke Richardson  20, Powerlifter 👯‍♂️ Team GB 🇬🇧 •British 120+ Champion 2016 •European 120+ Champion 2017 •World #2 120+ 2017 •337.5/190/337.5/865 #TeamRTS

#roadto900 Well it's back to work, great session last night with the boys @phoenixpowerlifting gym! 6 sets of 4's on squats with 292.5kg and 5 sets of 4's on bench with 167.5kg followed by 8's on OHP with 85kg. Very happy, a good place to start building from🌀💪🏻@sbdapparel @jim_rts @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS

#roadto900 Some footage from the final few training sessions of the hypertrophy block from last week up in Scotland with ma boyo @markmacqueen2 and the lads at OBS!😏 Hitting all time triple PB's on all disciplines @ 8ish at the end of a hypertrophy training cycle definitely gives me a lot of confidence. Videos show top triples on deadlifts and close grip bench with 310kg and 162.5kg. Looking forward to putting these newly found gains into action as I begin to work towards the British Championships!😎😁 @sbdapparel @jim_rts @phoenixpowerlifting @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS

Very proud of my better half @izzy_fitzz😘Izzy asked me to help her with her squat form as she was getting some pretty bad lower back pain which was made pretty obvious when she did a squat and her lumbar spine rounded not even half way to depth. Still some improvements to be made but exceptionally better than before. It's pretty common that you see people training and lifting a certain way because that's "how a powerlifter does it" or "how a bodybuilder does it" when in reality structured programming, overload, and a full ROM (when appropriate) with a technique that fits your anatomy will always be 100% safer and more effective when trying to grow muscle and get stronger, regardless of if you're a bikini competitor or elite powerlifter. Look forward to seeing how little Izzy does with some help and guidance, maybe she'll even grow a booty like me one day😉😂🍑

#roadto900 Great session today, 2.5kg up again from last week on the top triple. Video shows 302.5kg x 3 @ 8. Things are really feeling great, nice of my less handsome twin to help me walk it back in too.

#roadto900 Top triple at 172.5kg @ 8 before volume work. I can get used to this new music 10/10 hype would recommend🔥@sbdapparel @jim_rts @phoenixpowerlifting @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS

#roadto900 Top triple of 307.5kg @ 8. Bebe w8 m8😱 @sbdapparel @jim_rts @phoenixpowerlifting @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS

You know what time it is👀😏 @sbdapparel @jim_rts @phoenixpowerlifting

My face when @jim_rts messages me saying my @9for9media pictures from IPF Worlds are ready and have been sent through😂😍

#roadto900 Close grip bench tonight with a top triple of 162.5kg @ 7. Trained shirtless tonight to try increase my Instagram following, however I feel this could end up being counterproductive.. only time will tell👀😂 @sbdapparel @jim_rts @phoenixpowerlifting @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS

#roadto900 Hypertrophy cycle really in full effect now, video shows the top triple at 300kg lol. In the words of @markmacqueen2, such a sand bagger👀😏 @sbdapparel @jim_rts @phoenixpowerlifting @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS #KGMETHODS #SEASIDE #UNICORN #REPOST #YNE #lukerichardson 😂😂😂😂

To all my friends on Instagram, if you're wanting to compete along side Andy Bolton, one of the greatest powerlifters of all time in a DEADLIFT ONLY competition make sure you get involved, it's also for a great great cause. This competition would be ideal for those wanting to test their true deadlift max without having to squat and bench beforehand like in a normal competition! For updates and more info follow @andybolton_deadliftchallenge! Cheers😁💪🏻

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