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Luke Richardson  20, Powerlifter 👯‍♂️ Team GB 🇬🇧King of the YNE 👑 •British 120+ Champion 2016 •European 120+ Champion 2017 •World #2 120+ 2017 •337.5/190/337.5/865

#roadto900 Phone broke so apologies to all my die hard fans who have been missing my riveting video content.. However you'll all be happy to know that I am back😂👀Random footage from Thursday and Fridays session including a 185kg double on bench and a 200kg triple with the slingshot. Also shows a 277.5kg pause squat triple and a 257.5kg beltless pause dead triple! Pulled the deads on a DL bar so announcing my retirement from IPF, moving to the GPC now boiz. @sbdapparel @phoenixpowerlifting @athleticedgebodyworks @jim_rts @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS

#roadto900 Mentally challenging session tonight things not really going my way, gonna mess around and experiment with competition grip again. Did a single @ 7.5 and a double @ 8.5 on 325kg before back off doubles but it just didn't feel solid with the hook grip so rep quality wasn't the standard I'd like. Did some 1 board bench after with a top triple at 182.5kg then some SSB. Easy to throw in the towel during sessions like these but I just remind myself of how I felt standing second place on the podium at worlds then it becomes much easier to get things done. @sbdapparel @phoenixpowerlifting @athleticedgebodyworks @jim_rts @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS

#roadto900 Big session tonight with some massive PB's! Hit a 325kg squat single @ 7.5 then a 325kg double @ 8.5 before more back off doubles.. very happy with these definitely heading in the right direction. Had a 182.5kg single @ 8 on bench then a double on the same weight @ 9 before back off doubles again. Followed this work with close grip incline bench. Great session, it's all coming together nicely💪🏻 @sbdapparel @phoenixpowerlifting @athleticedgebodyworks @jim_rts @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS

Some active recovery work today on the jet ski😂This was so much fun, going to try and do this more often!

#roadto900 Another good session in the books today! Had some chain squats and box deadlift ascending doubles up to RPE 9 then some RDL's to finish off. Top squat double was 320kg in the hole and 330kg at the top and box deadlift was 325kg. A great place to build from on these new movements👍🏻💪🏻 @sbdapparel @phoenixpowerlifting @athleticedgebodyworks @jim_rts @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS

#roadto900 Travelled back to the UK from my wonderful hols today and got myself straight to @phoenixpowerlifting for a cheeky bench session😎Hit a 182.5kg single, then back off triples on 177.5kg and 175kg on @krn_gry pause benches. Then did 2 board doubles upto 190kg and close grip 5's up to 157.5kg. Great session, really enjoying benching at the moment!😁💪🏻 @sbdapparel @athleticedgebodyworks @jim_rts #TeamRTS

Me and all my birds

Here is a video of my client and good friend @richard_thegrinder_parish. Rich is a M1 lifter (soon to be M2 next year) as much as he'd hate to admit it😉Rich really does have an excellent work ethic and this shows in the effort he puts into training and as a result the progress which he has made in the short 5 weeks we have been working together! The first video shows Rich pulling 212.5kg at his last competition in May, the second video shows Rich last week doing the same weight for 5 reps at the end of a 5 week hypertrophy cycle.. Rich also did 6 reps on his previous squat max and 5 on his previous bench max. A proud coach, training partner and friend👏🏻Goes to show what you can achieve with sound and structured programming and the environment at @phoenixpowerlifting💪🏻Going to smash the competition in September!

#roadto900 Hard deadlift session today in the sauna😅😵Hit an RPE 7.5 single with 320kg and then a top triple of 315kg @ RPE 9 before back off triples. Very happy with how things are going! Setting myself up for a big pull in November! Followed these with 2ct pause doubles💪🏻🔥 @sbdapparel @phoenixpowerlifting @athleticedgebodyworks @jim_rts @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS

#roadto900 Awesome session today! Left @izzy_fitzz to tan for a few hours whilst I went and trained😎Hit an RPE 7.5 single on squat and bench with 320kg and 180kg before back off triples. Also shown in the video is my top back off triple on squats of 312.5kg @ RPE 9 and my final bench triple at 175kg. Bar and equipment wasn't ideal for this session but the weight and the competition don't give a shit about your circumstances, just got to get in and get it done!💪🏻I'm going to mince 900🔥 @sbdapparel @phoenixpowerlifting @athleticedgebodyworks @jim_rts @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS

Made a new pal last night called Daisy. Turns out Daisy was called Dave. Dave tried to shag me. #whenbeingabigboibackfires #molested #daisyhasabiggercockthanme

Away on holiday with the beautiful @izzy_fitzz😘However the #roadto900 must continue. So happy to have found a proper gym where I can continue normal training which is only a one minute walk away from our hotel! Anyway video shows my top set of 250kg x 6 on high bar, beltless, super raw squats. Flats too, trying to be more like my idol @markmacqueen2. Bonus footage of Izzy at the end to help aid in concentration of the whole video😂💦💪🏻 @sbdapparel @phoenixpowerlifting @jim_rts @gbpowerfed #TeamRTS

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