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LÜK  Record Producer | Songwriter NH🚀Los Angeles

Looking like a deer in headlights while @labrinth steers the mothership. #lastpostgotarchived #oops

Fun fact: oatmeal is called porridge here and sweaters are called jumpers. #themoreyouknow

Kaneohe, HI.

covfefe anyone?

Spent the entire day building this vibemaker. Stoked on it.

A whole vibe.

Good morning from the English countryside. Feeling extremely blessed today.

“Covered in questionable tattoos” is my middle name.

Had the pleasure of doing a little bit of engineering work on this record. Thank you for the opportunity @labrinth. This is a bop. Also, @stefflondon killed the verse. Check it out!


TBT kitchen jams w/ @elizatheband

@jason_mraz is still a mood.

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