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LÜK  Producer | Engineer | Songwriter NH🚀Los Angeles Clients: Sia, Labrinth, Atlantic, Sony

Got home and wrote a lil diddly real quick. Imperfect is just fine by me. #sadboytunes

It’s crazy to think that I moved across the country with legitimately nothing but a suitcase and a guitar a few years ago and now I’m blessed enough to have two office spaces for my work and my hobbies at my place. I’ve been addicted to the hustle and I’m way 2 blessed 2 be stressed.

Not now chief, I’m in the zone. 📷: @bryan.legacy

I have been posting way less on Instagram lately and just wanted to remind everyone that I am indeed alive and well. 🙏🏼🤘🏼

@ryannbreezy trusted me enough to work on this track and I’m super stoked on how it came out. Feel good vibes! Check it out and smash that link in her bio.

I’ve seriously been into using my voice to make chords and using it as an instrument so much. The human voice is so amazing to mess with. Making myself into a choir is seriously so fun.

Here’s one of my best friends and it’s her stinkin birthday. Happy birthday panama jack aka @natalie_aa

Is this how you bring a Mac Pro on an airplane? UK customs swabbed and tested it and were confused about the neck pillow. Everything is fine.

Did some engineering on this one! Another bop from @labrinth and @stefflondon

I hope my next girlfriend looks like this picture.


So blessed to be able to travel for music. It’s never an easy road but eventually there are little rewards that remind you of how and why you came to be where you are in the present moment. Thankful for the people around me for being my biggest inspiration and motivation. Hashtag blessed.