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ʟᴜᴋᴇ  ● Indonesia ● Mod: @shotzdelight @uk_shooters ● ● eat, sleep, shoot, repeat

One of the coolest views I have ever seen😍Luis and I were taken back by it's beauty even though we were freezing in the process😂was totally worth it though! Let me know what you all think?
#beautifuldestinations #natgeo #theweekoninstagram #bestvacations

The pose of the trip. Today I had to wave goodbye to my No.1 model and top bud @luismentel on his way back to the UK! It's been a brilliant time and I couldn't have done it without you brother, having you around was lit👊go show him some love!
#beautifuldestinations #natgeo #theweekoninstagram

Who needs to be safe on the ground with a drone when you can just hang off a cliff to get the shot?
Haha 😂Luis and I explored the island of Nusa Penida today 😍honestly one of the coolest most photogenic places I've ever been! Lemme know what you think? Who can spot the manta ray?!
@beautifuldestinations @earthpix
#beautifuldestinations #bestvacations

What a sunrise 😍.. Luis and I rode for an hour to grab sunrise at Karang beach, Bali. It was raining the whole way, we got there and the rain carried on. About to call it a day and head home we got hit in the back of the head by the sun peaking through. Never give up guys.. never give up😍
Have you ever had a moment like this? Let me know in the comments!
@beautifuldestinations @earthpix @natgeo
#beautifuldestinations #natgeo #bestvacations

This is a bit you can tell my style is quite contrasted but I'm trying to mix it up!😂let me know what you think ?!
@beautifuldestinations @earthpix @canon_photos
#beautifuldestinations #canon_photos

Unbelievable structures in Singapore all over the place 😂just causally strolled across this spot with @luismentel as the sun was at it's perfect height! Let me know what you think ??😋
@beautifuldestinations @visit_singapore
#beautifuldestinations #visit_singapore #beautifulhotels

Awesome waterfalls with @luismentel @jordhammond @sophiapope and @thenomad the other day 😍 good luck to Jord on his adventures in the USA 👊hope everyone likes this one 🙏lemme know what you think!
@beautifuldestinations @earthpix
#beautifuldestinations #natgeo

WASSUP fam! I do collabs very rarely nowadays but when @uwo asked I could not refuse the man with non stop bangers! Point Reyes is a place I've been before but was super cool to edit a shot from a different perspective! Let me know if you like this! Go and see if you can find Simon's edit on his page and at the same time show him some love 👊
#beautifuldestinations #natgeo #usa

Such a cool location. Being above the hustle and bustle of a city or market is such a great way to take it in. Gives you a completely different perspective! Let me know what you think of this one and thanks for all the love recently! You rock❤
#beautifuldestinations #natgeo #natgeotravel

Had the pleasure of chilling with two lovely humans @jordhammond @sophiapope this last week in Bali. Been to some exciting spots and even more to come🙏this was one of the coolest locations I've ever been! Hope you like the shot, let me know what you think 👊
@beautifuldestinations @natgeo @earthpix
#beautifuldestinations #natgeo #bestvacations #natgeotravelpic

Who knew Hong Kong could offer views like this 😍.. this post is dedicated to two musical legends @brendanshek @kidreu . Had the pleasure of experiencing HK with them. The two of them will be releasing a massive mix of music this summer and you should all sit waiting as from the tasters I got, they are gunna bang.
Go give them so love that they can then transfer to their music👊
@beautifuldestinations @earthpix @natgeo
#beautifuldestinations #earthpix #natgeo

This guy was just casually fishing as 12 foot waves were crashing right over him.. dedication to dinner or what 😱😂
@beautifuldestinations @natgeo
#beautifuldestinations #natgeo #theweekoninstagram

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