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Luke Jackson-Clark  - 20 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ - Currently in Croatia πŸ‡­πŸ‡· - Founder of @movetocreate - Team @uk.shooters -

- Solitude -
Ft. @movetocreate - I arrived back in London this morning and will be spending tomorrow working with the @uk.shooters boys. I'm then in for a tree-t this weekend flying out to Croatia with @m.visuals hosted by the amazing @croatiafulloflife tourism board. Excited to share the beauty of Croatia with you all!

- One Small Step... -
Ft. @luke_jclark (edit) and snapped by @uwo - ...or one long sketchy hike.. it was a bit of a beach πŸ˜‚ Was super awesome meeting @uwo last night after talking over the gram for the last two years! I think we'd both agree to flag this location in our good books 😏 Check the stories to see some extra shots and videos!

- The Wall -
Ft. @movetocreate - Natural colours mixing with the man made, at this epic spot in Iceland. What's your fave colour?

- Simple Sunday -
Ft. @movetocreate - Just a couple of boats on a lake...with some trees...and a mountain.. I'm all a boat keeping it simple..😏

- Hanging About -
Ft. @samnewtonmedia - Spending today looking through all my work and seeing if I can find some hidden bangers... Oh and also watching a bit of Peaky Blinders, what's your favourite series?

- Kickin' it -
Ft. @samnewtonmedia - This photo is a lil bit of a sneak peak into the website Sam and I have been working on with @thebonotwins this week. Honestly can't wait to share what we've been working on, it's a huge step for @movetocreate, so make sure you stay tuned for the release next week!

Ft. - The last week I have spent working on @movetocreate has made me so unbelievably excited for whats to come over the next year.. we are also stoked to be announcing our newly designed website very..very soon, made by the best designers in the game @thebonotwins, who, if you didn't know, are twins πŸ‘€

- Beach Please... -
Ft. @movetocreate - Looking to get out on the water and learn how to surf this week with @chaseviken, anyone got any tips? If you see me on the beach make sure to throw me a wave πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

- Eat Your Greens -
Ft. @movetocreate - Spent the weekend here in San Diego working on MTC. One more week of work and I will be off and exploring again, so expect new and exciting content!

- Twiglight Tail -
Ft. @visitaustria - Currently day dreaming of traveling the world as I sit here working on @movetocreate in San Diego. Where is your dream travel destination?!

- One Step -
Ft. @samnewtonmedia - Currently planning my next trip to Japan in November. Couldn't be more excited to see such an epic place in its autumn glory.'s a photo of Iceland πŸ˜‚

- Newtons Law -
Ft. @samnewtonmedia - Just finishing packing for San Diego tomorrow morning, spending 3 weeks working on @movetocreate with @samnewtonmedia , who's around?!

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