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Luke Jackson-Clark  ● 20 yoa ● LONDON 🇬🇧 ● Founder of @movetocreate ● Team @uk.shooters ● This is my dream, but I will no longer sleep on it 🤘

- Toblerone Town -
Ft. @canonuk - Looking back on good times with @jamesrelfdyer in Germany. I definitely want to go back and explore Germany again at some point this year, what locations do you want to go back and visit?

- The Panda Express -
Ft. @luke_jclark - It was a bit of a surprise when a car came down this Grove the morning I was there. I think the ultimate shot would be if a panda decided to take a stroll down... But bear with me, I'll get it one day 😉

- Morning Stroll -
Ft. @atlantahackney - Atlanta assured the team every single evening of this trip that she would wake up nice and early and go for a walk/run in the morning before we started the day... It wasn't until this morning that it happened😂, when we all walked around Yosemite National Park for a few hours before our drive down to San Diego! Anyone around in SD/LA to link up this weekend?

- Waterfalling -
Ft. @luke_jclark - On the way down to where I was standing in this shot I must've become too confident in my hiking abilities and next thing I knew I was back first in the pond. I guess you could call it a water.. fall? 😂

- Twighlight Castle -
Ft. @movetocreate - One of the most beautiful locations I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing and it's only a few hours from where I live! Crazy how you can travel to the far ends of the world and overlook places that have been on your doorstep (almost 😂) ! Where is the craziest place you've been?

- 997247-2 -
Ft. @canondeutschland - This National Park harz trains, snow and cool trees what more could you want. I trained for months to get this shot, and when I did my photography career was right on track. I knew there was snow way I wouldn't get to where I was.

- Morning Glow -
Ft. @samnewtonmedia - We visited this location twice, once for sunset and once for morning light. The first time we got hammered with hard rain constantly and our clothes, bags and cameras were soaked through... The morning after we got this☝🏼, crazy how weather can change... and how wrong weather forecasts can be 😂

- The Deep Blue -
Ft. @djiglobal - @atlantahackney wanted you guys to enjoy a lovely picture of Trinidad, California today... So I thought I might share a drone shot we got yesterday...(yes, she really believes me 😂)

- Californication -
Ft. @movetocreate - Landed in SF international yesterday at 5:45pm, and in half an hour we were taking in this golden view👌🏼 looking forward to a crazy few weeks! ALSO, if you guys don't know the other shooters squads make sure to check out @bay_shooters if you come/are looking to come to SF they rock, big time.

- Shadow Play -
Ft. @the_dom_inic - Morning light piercing through the trees in Northern Ireland, what a special moment! I am going to my first wedding today... And I'm singing at it 😂Wish me luck!

- Disney World Candy Sky -
Ft. @djiglobal - When we arrived in this area (as alot of you saw on my story) it stormed like crazy 😱 the next day it was pretty similar and I thought we had little chance of seeing the Abbey, but as you can see that happened did not reflect the stormy weather... Literally 😂👀

- La Casa de Osaka -
Ft. @canonuk - Mixing one of my favourite languages with my favourite country... but I'll leaf out the puns today, don't worry👀

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