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luke_henery  Violent soho/Total Pace. 📷@racquetstudio

Our leaders don’t seem to care about the future of our country and it’s people. It’s time for the real Aussie’s to rise up and stop Adani ourselves. #stopadani

Playing a show tonight @crowbarbris for the animals with a bunch of animals @totalpace @flangipanis @somethingsomethingexplosion @roadhouseofficial @valtozash yiew!!

Humans are the biggest pests. I shot this on my #pentax67ii on some #kodakvericolor that expired in 1985. I had to set the iso to 64 to allow for the 34 years of expiration. Developing c41 myself has been pretty fun, it’s amazing how easy it is compared to B&W.

Defs buying some more ektachrome. Dev and scan @racquetstudio #zeisscontaflex #ektachrome100 #racquetfilm

I do love summer. 😍 #showusyourgorman

Snorting diamonds and stealing cars. @britishindia #zeissikon #lomopurple #120mm dev and scan @racquetstudio

One day I’ll have a hotrod. @archard #pentax67ii #fujiacros100

Nothing hotter than hot chips 🍟 #zeisscontaflex #kodake100 dev and scan @racquetstudio

Still dreaming about being on a boat.
#pentax67ii #fujivelvia50 dev and scan @racquetstudio

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