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Lukas  I'm 17, soon to be an Architect major, and I just started painting 😁

I painted this for my geology teacher, she's been my favorite teacher this year and she's honestly such a good person. If she wasn't my teacher I feel like we would be friends, if that makes sense. She's just hella rad and I wanted to make her something 😁


This took me 4 hours but it's my best I've ever done πŸ˜„ #forest #logcabin #snow #painting

Good Vibes ✌️

Part of @midnightmakings's Christmas present to me 😁

I painted a pear 😁

Definitely not my best but I just kinda went for it without thinking about it, so here's my mom's christmas present 😁

Extremely basic but here's my dad's christmas present 😁

This was the painting that started it all! In spanish we were given a project to recreate a famous work of art from a spanish speaking country, so I recreated Oswaldo Guayasamin's "Madre y NiΓ±o"! After painting this I realized that I actually have some potential for painting and I've been painting ever since (it's only been like a month πŸ˜‚)

Christmas present #7 β€’ for my Calculus teacher πŸ˜… | Ok so I took this before I did a lot more to it. I made the sky more galaxy by adding hundreds of little stars, I made the mountains more detailed with snow, and I added more small mountains to the three big ones. I dont know why I didnt take a picture of the final one, but here's what I got for this one. I have 2 canvases left to paint my parents their christmas presents so I'll probably post those within the next few days 😁

Christmas present #6 β€’ for a secret santa I did with a bunch of people and it was for Audrey | I put her favorite mormon book verses down and her name means "Noble Strength" and she loves that which is why I put that at the top. I painted one more painting for my calculus teacher but I forgot to take a picture of the final product before I gave it to him πŸ˜… so I'll be posting that one soon

Christmas present #5 β€’ for my friend Lucy 😜 | so this is another one heavily inspired by @midnightmakings however I added a galaxy sky and put Lucy and I on a boat playing patty cake (it's an inside joke haha). I really like how this one turned out!

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