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89kg these days😳 It‘s been a long time since I was that light. I‘m definitely leaner than usual and I‘m very confident to maintain that level😎 Also I think my legs have finally given up and are shrinking at least a tiny bit☺️🙏🍕
Hope everyone’s fitness goals are coming as smoothly as mine at the moment.

I‘m going to be a student until I die. I‘m reminding myself every single day to keep asking questions and maintain curiosity. Pushing myself into areas of life where I have no clue how things work and people play much higher than me. Also listening closely when there are opinions different than mine to requestioning my own point of view instead of ignoring any kind of opposition. I mean how could I learn from people that are telling the same stories I do?

Coming out after a 6h university session at 15pm. Sun is shining. Feeling like reborn☺️😎
#vienna #autumn

This year is just unbelievable in terms of one specific fact. Since I‘m conciousely managing my nutrition to go after certain goals, I never had a time in my life where things are going that smooth than lately. I almost been through every state when it comes to my nutrition - both, either physically or mentally. But I‘m feeling that I‘ve reached a point where I‘m able to maintain the shape where I‘m 💯 percent happy concerning aesthetics and well being. WHILE doing and eating whatever I want without really tracking or even eyeballing macros in a conventional way. I thought about recording a video as well as a podcast how I reached that state and what it gives me at this current point of my life.
Much love

restaurant is going to open up soon😎
#selfmade #sushi #vienna
Sushi, definitely belongs to my top three favorite foods. (Next to Pizza & Ice cream for sure😎) Regardless of whether it’s vegan veggie or fish. Even though I‘m very restrictive & selective when it comes to animal products. Anyway this food is one of those, I wanna master preparing. So soon you are going to see me making those perfect rolls, blind at high speed☺️🙏😎

At the beginning of this year I decided to make a radical change in my sports and training life. There were, and still are multiple reasons in my head for doing this transformation. The most important I‘m covering in my latest YouTube video!!👉 LINK IN MY BIO☺️ Much of it you could have watched on my IG feed the last couple months. Me learning the split, several other new movements, transforming my body into what I truly want to embody at this current state of my life and more. Anyway the video is summarizes everything perfectly so go have look☺️🤘
#transformation #bodytransformation #motivation #inspiration #dowhatmakesyouhappy

who bout that bowllife?☺️😎
#allvegan #triplechoc #bowlin

University has started yesterday. Somehow I‘m more motivated than usual. Well, let‘s see how long this motivation is going to last lol. I always been having huge struggle with studying things I‘m not 100% convinced of. But why not studying a subject that I am convinced of? Well, I guess that subject doesn‘t exist on any university... Therefore my current solution is studying topics I‘m sort of interessted in, while learning and practising thing I truley love alongside. Althouuuuuuugh I‘m pretty pretty sure what is going to dominate one day❤️😎

Pumkin is defenitely on of the coolest things that autumn has to offer. There is a huuuuuge food variety you can create out of that orange Babies. Have you tried Pumkin Curry before? If not, you have toooooooo☺️🤘
#pumkin #curry #fall

keep it comin

Link in my Bio👆
I just uploaded my Reverse Transformation, which is basicly about: why I quit fitness, how I lost that much weight and how I‘m feeling at the moment☺️🤘
So make sure to tune in😘
YouTube: Lukas Galgenmüller
#youtube #transformation

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