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Luisa Mars  create your own sunshine 💌 luisa_m@gmx.net


Banana Pancakes topped with coconut yoghurt, coconut blossom sugar, raspberries and blueberries 🥞💫

my best friend knows how to make me happy 💁🏼

The best way to start a cold and rainy autumn day 🌧
1/2 cup oats
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 mashed banana
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 cup almond milk
1 tsp of your favourite nut butter
2 tbsp pumpkin seeds
fruit to top
Place oats, chia seeds, banana, cinnamon, vanilla and almond milk in a saucepan over a medium heat. Let it simmer for about 10 min - don't forget to stir from time to time.
Put in your @coconutbowls and top with nut butter, pumpkin seeds and some fruit ✨

The past few years I had the ache to create every now and then. But most of the time I didn't follow this ache.
Ignoring that inner voice often led me to confusion and negative feelings rather than good ones. My heart felt empty and I didn't know how to fill that emptiness.
I compared myself to others forgetting that everyone is following their own path. That everyone walks at their own pace.
When I picked up a paint brush again a few days ago, I tried to let that inner voice guide me.
I filled the empty canvas with all shades of blue running wildly along the edges - flowing, moving, dancing. The painting embodies the place I feel most alive at: the ocean. Sand between my toes, breathing in salty air. My hair tangled up by the wind.
When I paint I feel free. There are no rules. I find myself drifting away, falling into a trance where time doesn't exist. 🎨🔮🌙

When you're having a shitty day because of several reasons but then do some online shopping and accidentally find these caramel slices in your freezer that make you go straight to food heaven - your day ain't that bad anymore 👌🏻


Fruit Kebabs with Cacao Bliss Balls ⚡️ Recipe will be on the blog tomorrow!

New favourite café in Cologne: @edelgrun 🍃

What if I told you that your thoughts dictate your reality? What if I told you whatever you think about you attract into your life? Whatever you expect or fear tends to come true. By imagining the future in a certain way, you act on other people and your whole environment. You experience what you expect.
Imagine you think someone else doesn’t like you. You will unconsciously behave cold and distant. The result is that the other person will tend to do the same. Your expectations become reality.
You can keep blaming the outer circumstances and other people, and continue to complain – but you can also stop right away and make the choice to look at the brighter side of life.
Why not shine with happiness instead of negativity? 🌻

My favourite smoothie bowl of all time: Açai 🍇
For this version you'll need:
1 açai pad by @attila_hildmann
1 cup frozen blackberries
1/2 frozen banana
1 fresh banana
1/2 cup coconut milk

When you think about happiness
imagine it as a mood and not a destination. It's not something we can achieve and then we just stay happy forever. It's not permanent.
Happiness comes in lots of different shapes. It can be that moment you close your eyes and feel goosebumps on your skin because the music you're listening to is touching your heart or that moment you finally fall into your bed after a long day at work. It can be that moment you take your first sip of your coffee in the morning after a night with not enough sleep.
But then you might spill your coffee on your new white sheets. And that tiny little moment of happiness flies away like a jet plane.
Happiness comes in waves. Sometimes you feel like you're drowning in it and sometimes the water is too low to swim in.
Happiness comes and goes. But that's okay.

When food is life 👀

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