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Luisa Mars  create your own sunshine 💌

we got asked to get our photo taken at @stecconaturaeis because we couldn’t hide the excitement we had when we walked passed the store. we most probably looked like this 🤩 but daaamn how beautiful are those popsicles???? ✨☀️
(we had mango and cantaloupe)

fav place to eat in hamburg 🌿☀️


a little story about my trip to copenhagen is up on my blog 💕

this matcha and black sesame ice cream was made in heaven. i didn’t want it to end. but it sadly had to 😭

i’m a sky and my feelings are the weather
some days i’m drowning in rain
when other days i dance in the sun
and yet self doubt is always following me
like a dark shadow
it makes my head full while my heart remains empty
so empty that i fail to pour love into
almost anything i attempt to do
eventually my heart shatters
it shatters into a million pieces
i surrender and
realise that sometimes you need to fall apart
to be put back together
better than ever before
i see myself rise form the dust of my own ashes
feeling alive
feeling raw and

good morning copenhagen ☀️

cute vs. sexy 😏
i just realised i never visit berlin without having at least one of @brammibalsdonuts 🍩🤤 who said that vegans only eat boring food again?

breakfast goals at @roamers_berlin 🌿☀️

let me introduce you to one of the clumsiest person you’ll ever meet: me 👋🏻 i originally planned to be in berlin on tuesday but couldn’t find my train ticket 🤦🏼‍♀️ two days late but here we go.
i’m ready for ya europe 🌏

lying sick in bed thinking about the day when it was -10 degrees ❄️ and i was wearing tights to look stylish. oh boy, and i still wonder why i get sick that often
📷 @tristanontour

peanut butter chocolate bowl + açai bowl = 🤤✨

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