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Luisa Mars  create your own sunshine 💌 luisa_m@gmx.net

lying sick in bed thinking about the day when it was -10 degrees ❄️ and i was wearing tights to look stylish. oh boy, and i still wonder why i get sick that often
📷 @tristanontour

peanut butter chocolate bowl + açai bowl = 🤤✨

i always always have a sweet treat throughout the day. it’s mostly chocolate haha. so i decided to switch it up for something more healthy: no bake sweet potato brownies ⚡️ who would’ve thought that sweet potato tastes that good mashed up in a dessert?? and if that’s not enough, the brownies are also refined sugar- and gluten free!
i just posted the recipe on my blog 💞

i started doing yoga a few months ago. and to be honest the fact that i used to stare at pictures of pretty girls doing fancy yoga poses like splits, back bows and handstands probably had a great impact on that (yes still starring at these kind of pictures sometimes) i’m still not able to do any of these things but the great news is, i’ll learn more. i’ll learn so much more 🙏🏻
other than that, yoga managed to give me something else. it gave me a little more balance in my life. it taught me that resting is as important as working hard. life is breathing in and breathing out.
it’s yin and yang ⚫️⚪️

this mornings breakfast situation 🍌✨ i’m currently on the hunt for quick and easy meals to have for breakfast. i’ve been having porridge nearly everyyyday for over a year which is why i need a little game changer. any ideas?
my smoothie was: bananas, buckinis, chia seeds, oats, walnuts, maca, oat milk and water 💦

alright y’all. i’m in love 🤤💞 i seriously can’t stop eating these fat balls. they taste amazing and are also filled with healthy fats + protein but have a low sugar level. i make them whenever i feel like i need a nourishing and quick snack. in case you want to make your own batch you can find the recipe in my story highlights✨

Can’t wait to be traveling with my 🐥 @juppsepha again which means we both have an excuse to get a vegan food baby everyday 🤰🏼✨

Today’s breakfast: Lemon Poppy Seed Waffles 🍋✨ topped with fresh blueberries, whipped coconut cream and @justspices rose petals🌹These bad boys are surely going to help me to get through this stressful Tuesday!

It’s all fun and laughs until you remember you have an essay due next week and you haven’t even picked a topic yet 👀

Matcha Mornings 🌞
Find the recipe on my blog!

Eat the rainbow 🌈
I don’t get why people think you can’t eat anything as a vegan when mother nature gifts us with the most amazing food ever. This morning I had a papayaboat with coco lime yoghurt and homemade granola, simple but delicious 👌🏻

Fueling for the day with @lonijane ‘s Superfood Burcha ✨

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