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Luis Heredia  It's Not About The Money, It's About Respect

Hey sexy πŸ˜‰

Luis from Lexus is tired af and needs a massage 😣

I am lisa simpson. To an extent

She came in one day said "i want this one" i told her "you need this much." She said "ill be back in 4 days" 4 days later ***BAM DRIVING NEW LEXUS OFF THE LOT***

I was enjoying the show when suddenly i feel alot of hair on my back and bam! People doing unholy things without the slightest warning. Is this what people do??? Like damn no invite and youre just going to use me as wall to get your freak on #nomorals

Lately its been real easy to eliminate negativity from life. Not all blessings are meant to last forever and not everyone will be in your life forever. If the light is suppoused to shine through you it will.


I fuck with smoothies

Excision ☠

Momma is a real one. Feliz cumpleaños 😘😍😍😍😍😍

Been here since 9am wtf!!!!!!

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