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I had a very interesting and courteous chat with @sergioolivajr few days ago and by reflex i was calling him " Mr Legacy " he said that he had no nickname yet and he likes it !!!!!! His win at the NY Pro is so eventful by so many metrics!! He wasn't the biggest guy on that lineup and needless to say that his lines were straight up Golden Era .

Classic Physique is the sweet spot!!! Most of you guys want to look like this !!! You will be functional! U can move about ! Have a life ! Drive a sport nimble car and don't have to eat every 1.5 hours Piana style and you won't 6IU dailyyy tell u that much πŸ‘ ... @cbum_ ... he just won a show by the way...duhhh 🍁🍁🍁 #anabolicmaplesyrup


@blessing_awodibu - propahhh back sir ! Be saluted

Few days i spoke to @cbum_ about the interview we will do soon and he asked if we do it after the Toronto show ir before ! My answer was : yeah after your Win !!! His physique is truly tailored and bespoke for this division!!! So much talent at such a young age . Congrats young bro 🍁🍁🍁🍁 #anabolicmaplesyrup

The weekend is where i get most of my clients updates and i am Really proud of my client Cory down from 258 to 246lbs at the end of week 2! I still have 6 more weeks with him ! He will be Proper !! NB : every week as usual few spots are available for my online training! Info in the Bio.

In Egypt! Your hair is Oil !

The Crucifixion of Kal !!! Arguably the most blatant Politics moves of that Era ! He was literally the second coming of Arnold ..... now he Bikes .

MJ said that he had a special mirror room where he used to summon and channel the very spirit of Liberace ( famous pianist who passed away in 87 ) !!! Well @kaigreene certainly does seem to channel some other worldly forces for he moves in a fascinating and rather wicked way !!!! #dirtydiana

@iiiguyiii propahhh back sir . Be saluted πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘βœ‹

@craiggolias aka life at 350lbs daily!!! Unapologetically Mega 😁 . Mildly Saaaaap

This should be the last Flabs pic of this year and actually my "fattest" state !! My next pics and hopefully posing videos will be at the end of July !! It won't be a walk in a park to shed off the extra 3 to 4% BF and bounce back fuller and carbed up . My aim to better any previous shape i had before . Thank u for the support. Be saluted

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