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I know 90℅ of you are too lazy to even read this but anyway I'm writing this for the remaining 10℅ :)
I'm too tired of this account cause y'all seem very uninterested in it 😂 sometimes I ask myself: Am I posting for ghosts here ? I've never lost my interest in Luhan and All I've done was only for him, but I feel too tired now and since I don't have any time to waste here I'm leaving...
I owe a sincere apology to those who have been following my posts and liking them ;( pls forgive me
I tried to delete this acc once but I'm not gonna do this again. Why? Maybe to keep all the good memories I've had here.
Before I go I wanna thank you for supporting this acc till now and all the memorable events you helped me to make here ^_^
Feel free to unfollow me cause I won't be back.
Btw keep on supporting and loving #Luhan 💖
Bye bye ( and I'm so sorry )
- Atousa

170317 #LuHan Weibo Update:
Today is Friday, XXV to be continued, haha
( © fyluhan )

170317 Canon website update with #Luhan

170316 QQ Music:“What if I said” BTS is released.“Venture” is continuing, look forward to venture with #LuHan’s new music #LuHanVenture
( © luking0420 )

170315 联想小新笔记本 Weibo Update with #Luhan

170314 Vogue Me - Pyper America Smith Jokingly Calls Luhan Her "New Asian Boyfriend"

170313 #LUHAN - Canon photo set

170312 #LUHAN - 电视剧择天记 weibo update

120618 #LUHAN - Tianjin Music High | © LUSTRING_鹿晗个站

170310 #Luhan Studio Update: "Evidence."

170309 #LUHAN - 酷我音乐 Weibo Update

170309 #LUHAN - Roleplay MV

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