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"How I feel embarking on my Trans Siberian journey? I imagine there’ll be many quiet moments. I imagine we’ll sit next to each other, tell stories, play games, and eat Russian pickles." @emilia.schuele • From: Moscow Berlin: 1611km Blagoveshchensk: 5620km #inspiredby #heimweh

Here, we begin our journey with the famed Trans-Siberian Railway; the longest railway in the world. It connects Moscow with Vladivostok, and will be our tracks of adventure as we travel into Russia. • From: Moscow Berlin: 1611km Blagoveshchensk: 5620km #inspiredby #heimweh

"Above the clouds flying to Russia, I wander the landscape of my mind. Where I find myself wondering how it will feel to return to my birthplace that I have no memories of." @emilia.schuele

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To Berlin: 1211km
To Blagoveshchensk: 6020km
#inspiredby #Heimweh

Emilia has never explored Russia - the country of her origin. But now? "I want... I want to open my horizon. To explore vast landscapes. To awaken memories." • From Berlin: 0km Blagoveshchensk: 7032km #inspiredby #heimweh

Meet the Berlin based actress @emilia.schuele. Join us over the next three weeks on an eastbound story through the vast landscapes of Siberia in search of: "A Home Unknown." • From: Berlin Blagoveshchensk: 7032km #inspiredby #heimweh

Join us in our next installment of #inspiredby Heimweh: Russia as we embark on a Trans-Siberian journey with @Emilia.Schuele to fulfill her lifelong dream of visiting the city of her birth, Blagoveshchensk. #inspiredby #heimweh

H E I M W E H • "Your birthplace is a place you always feel connected to. Despite all potential detachment, it's literally your origin of personal growth." #inspiredby #heimweh

What evokes a feeling of home in you? In German, we have a word: Heimweh. #inspiredby #heimweh

What's a better view: the pastries or the Eiffel Tower? 🤔
Photo by: @lilithmoonlife

Take a stroll with us. Which building color is your favorite?
Photo by: @swaypaul

We can't wish for a better window view. #planespotting
Photo by: @miss.auguste

Our #LHCityOfTheMonth, Delhi, has some pretty spectacular sunsets. 🌅

Photo by: @theardentexplorer

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